Chapter 31. A Little Wicked.

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Author's Note

There is a part in this chapter that was taken from my instagram because I only posted it there as some kind of an exclusive peek.

Also, I am not able to finish the book as stated in the previous announcement as there were things that did not go the way I planned and I am really sorry.


TV News Report

The owner of Volkov Holdings, one of the most successful investment firms in New York City and Russian Billionaire Nikolai Volkov was arrested this afternoon for money laundering, drug trafficking and multiple counts of murder. A video of his arrest surfaced online where he is seen with a pregnant woman right before he was taken into the custody of the FBI.
The woman was identified later as Mary Arabella Volkov, Nikolai Volkov's wife and daughter of the former President and despot of the Republic of Palawi, General Galves.

Nikolai Volkov according to the FBI is allegedly linked to the underground Russian organized crime group operating not only in the City of New York but across the United States of America. More on this developing story after a short break.


Interviewer: This arrest has shocked the business community because Nikolai Volkov is a known businessman and his investment house Volkov Holdings has been one of the strongest investment houses in the country.

Person 1: That is correct. Nikolai Volkov has quite the reputation as one of the very few bachelor billionaires in New York City. Let me just be clear. Nikolai Volkov owns VH or Volkov Holdings in full, he does not have partners, he is not the CEO, his house does not rely on stockholders because the man literally owns VH. He does not answer to anyone but to himself. This means, when he invests on businesses, the money comes from his own pocket. How deep is that pocket? We will know in the days to come as the case develops.

Person 2: If the case even progresses. Let's not forget that we are dealing with a very powerful man, with very powerful friends and basically an unlimited and overflowing coffers. The FBI must have a very strong case and sufficient evidence to have him arrested like this.

Interviewer: How do you think will this affect his businesses and his investments in various companies?

Person 1: Well as of now, there will definitely be a stand still in terms of Nikolai Volkov's external investments, meaning the ones that the VH has stakes and investments in other businesses and companies. As to the VH internal operations—his investment firm was raided and it was reported that the FBI had simultaneous raids all over his properties. This is just the beginning said the Director of the FBI.

Interviewer: Now let me just talk a little about the drama that unfolded before the arrest. You said a while ago that Nikolai Volkov is quite popular as one of the very few bachelor billionaires in New York City. Apparently, the woman in the video was in fact Nikolai Volkov's wife. What can you say about this?

Person 2: This came as a news to some mostly because Nikolai Volkov may be a popular figure in New York City but he is a very private individual. He has never granted interviews, he's rarely in the public eye which I believe worked out for him well as we are only finding out now that he is no longer a bachelor but an expectant father.

Belle's POV

"Ara! Listen to me! What you did was was insane and careless! You and your babies could have been badly hurt! Are you even listening to me?!"

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