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"Everyone welcome y/n."

The student all stared with curious eyes at the girl who rummaged through her bag, bringing out a book and a pen.

'Hello! I'm y/n, I cant hear.'

They read her neat handwriting on the fairly new book. The smile she wore making them beam.

All but one boy.

Mischief swirled in his eyes as he watched the girl take a seat in the desk in front of him.

A new toy.

Tamayo, a gorgeous girl who sat next to sanemi, leant over her desk to tap on your back.

She had been eyeing you for the past few minutes and had taken note of your pained look. She figured that you had enough of writing so she decided to help you out a bit, write down a few of your notes so you could rest your hand.

You quickly read the words she had written down on her book before reluctantly nodding your head, handing her your book with an apologetic smile. One that she returned by waving you off.

sanemi watched the interaction, rolling his eyes at the two girls.

He wanted to mess with you. He wanted to embarrass you in front of the entire class and break you down.

But not now.

Not when everyone was watching.

And so, he sat back and planned out his scheme.

"Kanae, you have to work more on your reading."
The teacher commented, his eyes narrowed at the girl who sat down. Embarrassment written all over her face.

Sanemi noticed.

He noticed the way her eyes fell to the floor instead of the book in front of her. She got lost in her thoughts, not paying attention.

Not until you started reading.

Your words came out hesitant and crooked. Almost like a cracked glass that was waiting to break apart.

Sanemi wanted to laugh. He wanted to throw a spit ball at the back of your head and comment on your horrid voice.

But he didn't.

The satisfaction of seeing kanae furrow her brows at the compliment that the teacher gave you was enough to keep him entertained for now.

Soon enough everyone would start getting annoyed.

And he noticed that.

You tapped makomo's shoulder, the dark haired girl turning to you who held up your book.

'Can you help me with the maths homework?'

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