Chapter One

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  • Dedicated to Leesha

I didn't "dislike" school. I hated it. It was boring, but what ever we learned was pretty interesting. I mean, Mr Marcus, our I.T department teacher, was experted at everything electronic. Before he started working for Escol High School, he was a well-known hacker. Well known as in, no one ever understood why they got the frog virus on their computers, because it was transmitted by Microsoft Word, with Mr Marcus having the virus installed in Microsoft Word before it was even realeased. Now, that is talent. But, school wasn't actually "education" according to everyone in our school. It was popularity, fashion sense, and how many dates you can have in a month. Luckily for me, a dateless, nerdy teenager, was racked in the peasants class of our school's feudal system.(If you don't know the feudal system, wikipedia it) As I entered the school, excatly at the time I needed to be there, 7:56 am. 4 minutes to unpack bag and get stuff from locker. 27 minutes in school library. 3 minutes to homeroom, just in case if the teacher is extra early. Perfect.

As I rushed into the empty library, I bumped into something hard, and softly, I apologised, and looked back to nothing. The person I bumped into didn't even apologise, and just walked on. Probably thought I was just nerdy girl. Meh. As I sat in the seat in the library, I switched on the computer. Quickly typing "Makeup alley" in google, and pressing the largest forum for makeup's link, I signed in, checking for inbox emails. Unlike the unsocial life i have in school, I have a few people who watch my vlogs and makeupalley posts, on reviews. As I quickly scanned through the questions some of my "online" friends sent me, I smiled, for the fact that i have thrity more fans on my Makeupalley site, making me the most fanned user on the forum. As I opened my inbox, I quickly read through the top question:

Dear maccyloverx,

You are sooo, right on the loreal true match roller. I bought that for one of the girls which I disliked in dance class and she just started to break out! Teaches her for being mean to me :D Anyway, just wondering if the covergirl clean foundation is any good? I heard there are three formula's and just wondering if you have had tried it out? I wish I was your friend in real life! You are sooooo nice :D Thanks x Sophhhhhhhhhie

I quickkly replied, saying that I wish I was her best friend in real life too, and that the covergirl foundation was mild, and I would recommend something better. I continued to read through them, with questions on eyeshadow, eyeliner, lipstick and even perfumes. As my iPod' timer beeped, telling them that it was time to go to class, I quickly jogged to class, making sure I wasn't late. I bumped into something hard again, and apologised just like the morning. This time, I was quick enough to see who it was, a guy with longish blonde hair, just reaching his ears, and a red, dark green and dark blue shirt, with some jeans which seemed a bit to tight, but in a good way. Even though I wore a over-large hoodie, and with a cute plaid shirt with a white shirt, I still seemed more much nerdier than some of the girls here, with some extremely revealing dresses. 

I signed into homeroom, and quickly organised my pencil, and ticked off the box which said "Answer first 20 questions on Makeupalley" and quiuckly read through what I had to do for the rest of the day. After the quick homeroom sign in, I moved on to my first class, Biology.

"Good morning Ms Peters. Can I please have your assignment about the rat dissection?" Mr Franklin questioned. I smiled and recieved for the bright blue folder which contained the assignment. I approached to my usual seat, at the back of the room. I might have been a smart-bum but, I thought that Mr Franklin explain somethings in too much detail, and while he was talking about protons and how many differences in the meat source, I prefer to respond to some makupalley questions. 

Something burshed my hoodie, and a warm breeze softly pushed thoughts out of my mind. I realised someone actually sat next to me on my science desk. I raised my glaze towards to the boy who wore the red, blue and green plaid shirt in front of me. It was true that his hair was quite long for a guy. His dark blonde hair, almost darkenough to be brunette, his fringe cover his eyes, hiding his amazing blue/green eyes. It seemed hours as I checked him out, he just stared down at his textbook. 

Mr Franklin continued to ramble on and on about how penguin's fur was covered with wax, something that I read through a few weeks ago. As I quickly took out my iPod touch, I quickly went to MakeupAlley and responded to another question.

Dear Maccyloverx,

OMG, you are sooooooo right. I LOVE Makeup forever's HD foundation, love it, love it, love it!!!! ARGH!!! And, while I was talking about it, I'm on the cheerleading squad, and I need a quick appication for primer, and shoudl I just use fingers, or should I use a sponge. I'm trying to attract this guy call Brandon, and I just want to look airburshed, and can you tell me products to use for a flirty look? I was hoping that Maybelline has a quad for it, but, I really hope you know some MAC colours perfect for a flirty look. LOVE YAH! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox SOOOOO much - Sasha

After a minute of typing, I thought about how the hell I'm going to figure out a "flirty" look. I'm not flirty, I'm not even fun. Meh. I guess pinks will work. Hiding my iPod from the boy next to me, I felt a soft breeze whisper onto my neck again. I realised that the boy with the checkered shirt was much closer than I thought, and trying to make sure he didn't see what I did, I quickly hid my iPod and took out next weeks assignment for Biology. After about 30 minutes of listening to Mr Franklin and finishing off the touches of the Science project, the bell rang and I was at last off the eyes of the long haired boy. He seemed to be staring at me every few seconds, and it was just creepy. 

As I approached art, I took out my face sketches for my makeup internship at MAC, and quickly took a few seconds to sketch a "flirty" look for Sasha, and took a snap of it, and sent it over to Sasha. The bell for art rang, and I settled myself down to enjoy the comforting class of designing.

I enter the shed, which was like an art room, but the students designed it, so it was called the "shed" and due to the fact that only about 5 people took art this year, each of us had a corner to them selves, and two girls liked to work together, so they shared a corner, and I had my corner, with Drake, Josh having the others. these people were really nice, but they were separated when they were at lunch, so Josh would sit with the jocks while Drake sat with the computer geeks. Tina and Daisy sat with the "eat our lives into salads as boys break our heart" group. Ms Frez, a young artist who was our art teacher, sat int he middle, working on her portrait of the librarian. She was doing every teachers portrait this year, so it was pretty interesint every class we enter, we see a greyscale of some random teacher we know drawn in the middle of the room. This time, instead of just conitnuing with our projects, Ms Frez blew her whistle, meaning that everyone should go to her, and sit down on the mat she patched up herself. 

"Good afternoon CLASS! If you haven't realised, we have a new student, Andrew, but he likes to be called Drew. PLEASE WELCOME DREW TO THE STAGE!" Ms Frez chuckled, holding an air microphone, acting as if this Drew guy was really amazing. I looked up from the mat, and saw the red checkered shirt guy standing, clutching his shirt, probably from nervousness.

"Hey, I'm Drew. And, yeah. Hi" He muttered, and after a few moments passed, with Ms Frez telling us to continue with your designs, we were off and going. Drew was suppose to be like a mentor of some sort, and he was just wondering around the room, checking out what everyone was doing. I reached my corner, which was the sewing corner, when there were manquins. and cloth and sequins spread out. As I quickly pinned the bright blue fabric to the manquins chest, a felt another soft breeze, pass my neck, making my whole body shiver from excitement. What the hell was that? I heard a soft mutter from a husky voice, and I quickly turned my head, realising that it was Drew.

"I like your dress. (pause) You should do something like a bold pink hair accessory for it." He smiled, and I turned back to the dress, realising that I already thought out that I needed a bright pink headband. How did he know? 

AN: Hi, this is going to be a pretty weird story... This is, I think, going to be a small story, but I'm putting L&F on hold, because I've got writers blocker!! ARGH! Anyway, I hope you enjoy, and please comment, vote and fan! WOAH! Love you all :)



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