Chapter 5

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After I put on my clothes, I remember that I hadn't slept in the dorms, which means I'm gonna get a lot of questioning looks, especially from Peter. At least Drew and Molly are factionless, so I don't have to worry about them.

"Uh, Tris? The job ceremony is soon, so you should come out of the bathroom now." Tobias' voice cuts into my thoughts and I step out of the bathroom. As soon as I open the door, I hug Tobias.

"Toby, I don't think Peter's gonna like the fact that I slept with you last night instead of the dorms..." I shake my head as I think back to what happened the last time Peter didn't like something about me. Tobias lifts my chin up so I can look him in the eyes.

"Well, I'm not gonna let him hurt you ever again" Then his lips are on mine, but they're not greedy, they're passionate. He slips he tongue over my lip asking for entrance, and this time I let him in. I moan as I feel him explore my mouth.

I slip my hands under the hem of his shirt and trace his tattoos with my fingertips. He gently pushes me up against the wall and slips one hand through his hair and one under the hem of my shirt. I pull his shirt off and we continue to deepen the kiss.

When we here a knock on the door, I'm on the couch with my shirt pulled up to right below my chest. We both have messy hair and swollen lips and Tobias has no shirt on. Also, I'm pretty sure I have a big hickey on my neck.

"FOUR!?" Wait... Christina!?, "HAVE YOU SEEN TRIS!? THE CEREMONY STARTS IN 4 MINUTES!" Crap! I jump up and Tobias follows me to the door. I swing it open and Christina looks us up and down.

"Four, uh..." Christina starts, but stops when Tobias comes behind me and pulls down my shirt. I blush furiously and rush down the hall with Tobias and Christina by my side.
I get there right as Eric says, "Tris please come onto the stage and choose your job." I hesitate before climbing the stairs to the stage. Before I know it, the choosing panel is right in front of my eyes.

I want have a job were I can be close with Tobias, but also something I would enjoy. And I can't have a government job because of my Divergence... I have made up my mind. I tap the two jobs on the panel and they appear on the screen behind me, next to my name.

"TRIS, TATTO ARTIST AND TRANSFER INITIATE TRAINOR." Eric calls from behind me, and I hear my faction cheer on its approval. I run down the stairs to go to Max to choose my apartment, but I see Tobias on my way there and he engulfs me in a hug and whispers,

"I am gonna love having you by my side while scaring the shit out of the transfers." I chuckle in response. "And also," he speaks openly now, " I was wondering if you would like to share my apartment."

"I would LOVE too, T-Four!" I screech. I only half pay attention to the rest of the ceremony. Christina- Cosmetics Store Owner, Will- Government, Uriah- Dauntless Born Initiate training, Peter- Fence(Thank God). I have a feeling my life is finally on track.

*Disclaimer: Veronica Roth
~Grace ོ ོ ོ

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