The Ardor

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She asked me to tell her a story as she lay there beside me, the urban lighting bloom casting a beam across her face through the blinds. Eyes so deep, so inviting, light dancing across them, sparkling stars gazing back at me. Hazel. I remember that before we laid together, rutted core upon core.

Telling a story? Picking a story. That’s hard. So many, many to tell. The one from earlier tonight. That’s the one, a work that resonates with fiction, yet all of it was, is true.

Pulsing music filled the air, heated bodies raging for the ritual display, hoping for a good evening, perhaps to mate. Watching it all before me, each person a blur then stilled for a moment within the throbbing lights. Sweat glistening upon skin so flush with need.

Tempting delights cloying motions, the scent of sex in the air, drawing me in at last. The thrumming of Her deep within me. Oh, yes. Her. Who is she? She’s unknown yet known. I only know there was a time before Her, this time after She became within me. There are no memories of when we met, became blended.

I can’t tell you if She’s an alien essence, a demon possessing me. I do know She’s not conjured from my mind, She’s not a delusion though you’ll think it so.

Signs of Her abound. The blood splattered across my cheeks, flesh caught between my teeth, cries resonating within my mind. You don’t see them now. I cleared them away before we met this evening.

Laughing. I hear your laughter. Such gallows humor? No, I think it’s your nervousness seeking an outlet from the terror I must give you now. Observing my serious countenance, it told you deeper down is the truth, dark, cold, brutal.

The club. Yes. Back to the club. It teamed with such heat, such passion. I felt the calling to fuck. The pure need to feel the tongue of another upon me, within me, exploring me. Fingers driving deep, deeper into my pussy, slickening me, readying me. Cock ramming into me pulled out, thrust harder inward, bottoming out against my labia spread so wide apart by the brutal energies mixing with mine.

Not at that moment. Dancing energized me, pushing me away from where I yearned to be, filled by sex, burning with lust pounding upon lust. No, you smile at my frustration. If it were you there needing, wanting, craving, you’d become just as undone. Feeling the arcing of the Ardor flowing within, not yet woken.

Don’t tell me you’d resist the siren call of ultimate satisfaction. Feeling everything so amplified, augmented that it feels as if too much. A simple touch upon your arm pushes you toward a rising near climax. Oh, you’d certainly become undone then, in that instant. The throbbing lancing among your nipples, your clit, cracking electric hunger filling you.

Goddess, I was so wet, so aroused still untouched by anything but the music. Nipples tight, red, peaked buds tenting my sheer tee-shirt as they tented my sheer satin bra beneath. You know my tits, sweet girl. You had them already, licking them, sucking them, caressing them.

The soft, nubby clit turned firm, ravenous crying out for love, you tasted it, teased it too. So fucking sensitive, it felt friction from my silky panties, friction too from my shorts upon it. My abundance of arousal. So thick, so milky I wetted my pleasure betwixt my thighs. Did I care then? Fuck no! Do I care now? Fuck no! With Her inside me, I never fucking care.

Observing prey, that virile form of a man still boy, he tempted me so lusciously. Watching him sway his hips, swinging his arms, grinning at me, letting him see my desires, approaching, he circled me, growing ever closer, seemingly to flaunt his presumed compatibility with me, a match he unilaterally decided upon.

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