Cold weather {Shinazugawa brothers}

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✦ Female reader, fluff, manga spoilers, Genya's birthday special, slight Sanemi and Genya x reader

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Female reader, fluff, manga spoilers, Genya's birthday special, slight Sanemi and Genya x reader.


It was a tough, snowy day. Those days in which the only thing you can possibly think of is snuggling beside a fire and drink hot chocolate next to your partner. But you, as the wind pillar's successor, had no time for those kinds of activities: no rest, all days of the week.

You were very close to Sanemi even if at the beginning he was forced to take you in as Oyakata-sama's request. Now you would spend morning and noon training, and at nights guess what he would like to eat depending on his mood. It was horrible, really, but both of you knew that you were strong and talented enough to become a pillar in less than a year.

You were making the miso soup and some rice while Sanemi was taking a shower after training in his dojo. The cold weather made almost impossible any kind of exercise outside, so he had to do it there instead. You had already showered and put on comfortable clothes, humming a lively song as you stirred the pot.

You stopped. Spacing out for a second before walking towards the front door and opening it, revealing a familiar face. He was about to knock on the door, but now that you suddenly opened it, he was frozen and speechless. Genya wasn't the type to think fast when it came to being in front of girls, specially cute ones. He was mentally collapsing at the sight of a person who gave off a nurturing and caring aura.

You frown, conscious of what his presence meant for the older Shinazugawa brother.

"Oh, it's Genya" you left the words float in the chilling air, eyes lost in the whiteness of the snow.

He had another emotional collapse. You were calling him by name, as if you had known him for years, when actually it was the first time you meet.

"What are you waiting for? It's freezing outside! Come in!"

You urged him inside, pulling him by the arm. You closed the door behind you, guided him to the dinning table and stood there. Awkwardly, just staring at each other. He was like a newborn chihuahua, although he did his best to not seem like it.

"Will you set the table, please? Dinner's almost ready"

"O-of course! I'm sorry"

After you finished cooking and the table was set, only needing to wait for Sanemi to come out of the bathroom and hopefully not kill his brother, you offered tea to Genya and sit with him to talk.

"Ah... (L/Name)-san..."

"Yes? Call me (Name)"

He really, really tried to avoid looking at your figure. Each time he failed, he would feel more anxious.

"How did you know...? How did you know that I was outside?"

You chuckled. It was the most pleasant sound he had heard in his life, seconds worth of selling his soul to the devil itself to hear it again.

"I was born with a good sense of intuition, the sixth sense. Shinazugawa-sama's training enhanced it greatly. I felt a presence by the door, so I opened it."

"But what if it was a demon?"

"My gut would tell me as well. Your aura is very different to a demon's, even if... you know."

His eyes widened, a gasp escaping his lips.

"How did you...?"

You placed your index finger on your own lips, smiling at him.

"Intuition, again. I'm not telling anybody, don't worry"

He was about to ask a question again, taking air in before speaking, but you interrupted him.

"No, I can't predict the future. It's just a feeling I get randomly, a thought sometimes."

A loud grunt alerted the both of you, heads turning towards the direction of the disruption. Sanemi's veins were popping out of his skin, anger building up inside of him. You quickly stood up and put your hands on his shoulders, almost forcing him to concentrate in you and not his brother.

"Dinner's ready. I made ohagi for you."


You shoved your hand onto his mouth, internally praying he wouldn't gave you rabies if he bit you.

"I know you want him far away from you and your demon slayer life, but he came all the way here hoping to see you. Today's his birthday, isn't it?"

His breathing was slowly controlling as you spoke to him with patience. Your calm demeanor always managed to suppress his rage, just your voice or touch was enough to pull him back from his dark place.

"Let's enjoy a nice dinner together. Just for today, do me that favor."

He glanced at Genya, who was sitting there with a worried look on his face, unable to say anything out of fear of angering him more.

You slowly took your hand out of his mouth and began stepping backwards, towards the table. Before you could flee, he grasped your wrist.

"Do that one more time, (Name), and I swear you'll never be able to walk again"

You nodded frantically, guiding him to the table so he could sit next to his brother. Flowers floated around you and Genya as you saw Sanemi try his best to hide a smile when he ate the ohagi you made for him. Genya's smile was one of pure happiness, it came from his soul to light his eyes and spread into every part of him. It was the ray of sunshine that warmed the coldness that came from the outside. It was simply beautiful.


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