Making a Scene| 21

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The next day, I sat down with a baseball cap on at one of the tables outside of the cafe I'd requested Javier meet me at. After yesterday's events, exhausted didn't begin to explain how mentally and physically drained I was. The worst part was that I couldn't even quit my job., as crazy as that sounds.

I sat up a little and took my sunglasses off when I saw Javier coming towards me. "I got your text, what happened?" He asked frantically as he leaned in to kiss my cheek.

I curved him and leaned back in my chair. "Sit down." His eyebrows knitted together and he sat down in the chair across from me. "What's wrong?"

"What or who is 647?" I asked. I just wanted to see if he'd lie to me. "A case." He said vaguely.

"After the day I had yesterday I'm really on the verge of flipping my shit. Try again with the truth this time."

He sighed and rubbed the side of his face. "Agent 647 was a man that Sebastian and I used to work with. I met them both when I was maybe 17 living in Italy. I never really knew how they knew each other or what their relationship was."

When I was fixing the problem yesterday I had to glance inside of the files. From what I had gathered, Agent 647 was murdered but the suspect wasn't disclosed.

"Go on." I pressed. "We used to be apart of some shady shit. Hacking into stuff just because we could. It came at a great advantage for Sebastian's family in Italy because of their occupation. They got me to hack into an informant's computer thus endangering me and everyone I knew. It was a mess but his family helped get us out of trouble. Sebastian hadn't even seemed to care though. After all that went down, I cut him off. We were no longer partners."

"And you couldn't have fucking told me that days ago?" I snapped. He grimaced at the harshnesses in my voice and I took a deep breath. "Go on."

"647 or Giovanni Sevan kept up his illegal acts as far as I knew. He joined some type of corporation and he was named 647. But I separated myself from him. Now that he's dead, well murdered that just means that somebody was after him and knowing how paranoid Sebastian can be, I'm sure he thinks that he and I are next."

"After I left your place yesterday I had to go to work...I almost got fired, and I thought I could've been sued but now I know the worst thing I have to worry about is ending up missing because of you two." I whisper shouted.

His eyes widened in surprise but I only rolled mine. "I'm gonna ask this one time and you better tell the truth. Did you use my laptop to plant those files on 647 to make Sebastian look like he was involved?" I asked.


"So if I didn't do it and you didn't do it, who did?" I asked genuinely curious. "Did you have someone follow me to get access to my computer for this?"

"What?! No!"

This was not the first time he'd lied to me. When it came to him, I so easily swept things under the rug. But not today. I had to find out the truth.

"Let me rephrase the question...did you, whether you had someone else do it or not, use my laptop to plant the information and tip off the police?"

He sighed and sat back in his seat while running a hand through his hair. His silence and the way he avoided eye contact with me gave me the answer before he could verbalize it. I scoffed and shook my head. "Why would you do this? Huh? Why would you do this knowing I'd be in the middle of it?"

"I didn't!" He exclaimed. "Sebastian isn't a good guy maybe he planted the evidence or something."

"Are you—what?"

"Here we go, back to Sebastian. Don't you ever get tired of trying to make him seem like the bad guy? How about you just admit that you did this and you were wrong?"

"Let's just...lets go back to my place. We can talk about this where there aren't so many people. Déjame explicar, please just let me explain somewhere more Private."

"No! Tell me right here why you did this."

He let out a breath of air and closed his eyes. He looked as if he were trying to keep himself together and it was a new sight for me. "Cat got your tongue now?"

He didn't say anything else he just stood up abruptly knocking his chair over and he grabbed my arm to pull me up. "Javier let me go." I struggled in his grip and we began to attract the attention of onlookers.

"Nothing to see here!" He shouted as he practically dragged me down the street while I struggled to get away him. When I shimmied out of his grip and attempted to get away he grabbed me and threw me over his shoulder. "Put me down!"

I groaned and hit his back but he seemed unaffected. "Javier put me down right now, you're making a fucking scene!" I shouted as I noticed a few people recording us. "I don't give a shit."

He opened the car door and sat me in the back seat. I made an attempt to push him out of the way so I could get out but he pushed me back and slammed the car door shut, successfully activating the child lock before I could do anything.

"Was all of that necessary?" I asked. "Just sit there and be silent."

I huffed and sat back with my arms crossed over my chest as he pulled off. This is gonna be all over the internet in the matter of an hour. I shook my head and patted around for my phone. "You made me drop my phone you asshat."

He reached into his pocket and held my phone up. "You can have it back when we finish talking."

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