Chapter 17 : Midnight Conversation

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"(Y/N)-san? How are your injuries? Have they gotten worse than last time?"

The tender voice belonged to the one and only Tanjirou asked. You stare at him for a moment, and then taking a mere glance at the blonde slayer behind his back, trying to sleep peacefully yet getting interrupted by your new companion, Hashibira Inosuke.

"I guess my injuries worsen, but I fear that Agatsuma-san has more bruises than I do." You answered as you three continues to walk. Tanjirou smiled warmly as he could smell a hint of worry from you, not that it is a surprise to him anyway.

It's been almost an hour of walking to descend the mountain, and you're getting hungry as time went by each second. Your patience was also put on a test because of the constant loud screaming and yelling from behind, more specifically, the interaction between Inosuke and Zenitsu. The boar-masked male kept on pursuing Zenitsu to fight him, even though his ribs are probably broken, just like you and the other two.

Not long after, Tanjirou decided to chirp in to their conversation in the intention of stopping them, just so they all could at least have a peaceful walk. But of course, the two of them kept on arguing at each other without listening to the burgundy-haired male, which only result for the three of them to have their own arguments now.

And you're not going to lie, it almost drive you crazy to hear them arguing.

They were so loud that you could not have your own peaceful thought for one second. You definitely would just want to turn around and stop them from continuing their useless argument and focus to the next destination instead.


Time just went by so fast, and as the sun kissed the world goodbye, you're enjoying the peaceful moments that only lasted for three minutes until a deep, loud voice entered your ears once again.

"Hey! Fight me!" Getting tired of bothering the yellow-haired slayer, Inosuke turned his attention toward the one who's carrying him, Tanjirou. He seemed to forget about the box with Nezuko inside, which was a relief for both you and the burgundy-haired male.

An irk mark were visible from Tanjirou's forehead, obviously tired of hearing Inosuke trying to put up a fight for no reason at all.

Before Inosuke continues, he pointed his index finger directly to his dark, crimson eyes, "I'll be sure to find your weak point and beat you down! Weakling!"

"My name is not weakling! It's Kamado Tanjirou!"

Steam came out of his boar mask's snout, "Kamaboko Gonpachiro! I'll be sure to take you down once I have a thick forehead like you!"

'But the last time I remembered, was you getting knocked out because of it..'

Stopping in your track, you sigh out of nowhere as you witness the argument between Tanjirou and Inosuke to unfold.

"Who even is that?!" Tanjirou snarled.

"That'd be you!!" Inosuke replied, pointing his finger angrily at the other male.

"No, it's not!! You got my name wrong!!"

Just before you could chimed in to stop them from continuing their horrendous fight, you saw Zenitsu's irritated expression.

'Ah damn it.'

"AGH! CAN YOU TWO SHUT UP ALREADY?! If not, I'll just spend my time with (Y/N)-chan instead!!"

"Eh?" Everyone suddenly went silent, utterly confused about his sudden outburst.

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