Chapter 13 : Separated

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Not wanting to waste anymore time, you gaze back towards the two children with a serious look, "Shoichi-san.. Teruko-san? Is there a reason why you two were hiding so close to that building?"

Shoichi hesitated. Noticing his forehead drenched in sweats made you more worried about the two children. Thank goodness they were fine even before you three showed up.

"O-our.." The said young boy closed his eyes, getting all the courage he could get to speak properly.

"Our big brother was abducted!"

Both of the boys standing behind was just as shocked as you are.

"..We were just walking down the path when this creepy monster decided to show up and t-took him away," Shoichi exclaimed as he felt slightly relief to finally able to explain their situation.

Knowing how worried the kids are for their brother, reminds you of a certain event with someone.

You immediately shook the thought away as Tanjirou begin to ask another question, "they went inside that house, right?" The two kids nodded their heads at the same time. Tanjirou gave the two a gentle smile, proud of their bravery to follow the traces of their brother despite of how scared they must've been this whole time.

And as if on cue, you compliment them both. "Good job. You two are brave enough to manage to follow them until now."

"W-we follow the traces of his blood.. Because he was h-hurt.." Shoichi continued as he hug his sister tightly. You were a bit taken aback knowing this new information, though you still have hope to at least be able to find their brother.

"Don't worry," you paused for a moment. "We will go look for your brother and save him from the monster, so you two can rest assured, okay?"

The siblings' eyes widened, unable to believe in your words for a brief moment, "really? You are all going to help us??"

Tanjirou, who heard their question nodded his head, reassuring them both. The two siblings then calmed down slightly as you pat their heads before standing back up.

But before you could say a word, Zenitsu quickly called out.

"Tanjirou.. (Y/N).. Hey, what is this.. sound?" Zenitsu's voice filled with hesitation and worry. He put his hand near one of his ears in order to hear the sound more clearly.


"This creepy sound.. It won't stop.."

You glance at the blond-haired male, questioning why his face suddenly looks pale while he stood still gazing upon the opened window of the mansion. Curious, you decided to follow where he was looking at.

And then, your ears triggered by a fainted thumping sound from inside.


You sweatdropped, the sound of a tsuzumi instrument are starting to get clearer in your ears. It gets louder in each time the thumping sound can be heard.

Though for a moment, you heard nothing. The tsuzumi instrument noise stopped at the highest sound, which makes the situation even more confusing than it already is.

But not before long you open your mouth to speak, you froze in your place as a body of a man suddenly appeared, throwing itself from inside of the mansion with blood splattered around him, making everyone who witnessed the event widening their eyes in horror.


"Huh..? A little girl..?" The smirk on its face refused to fade away.

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