Twenty Six

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We understand death for the first time,

when he puts his hand upon the one 

whom we love.

_Madame de Stael


'Ms.Thompson, you need to come back. At least till the product launch. No one knows the farmers better than you' Benjamin begged for a millionth time and this time irritation flared in my whole body.

At first I felt guilty on throwing all my responsibilities on him. I was a person who multitasked or did nothing, so that meant that there was a major portion of work which I did than the rest of them and me quitting the job without any prior notice was bound to give him some trouble.

Honestly I thought I would be sued for not issuing a two months notice, but Ace didn't do it. It tugged something, but I brushed it away. I was adamant about quitting the job so I tried to be as polite as possible. But this was the fourth consecutive day he called me up to ask where some stupid files were kept as if I was his assistant and yet again ask me to come back.

He had enough brains to know that something had happened between me and Ace which was so serious that I quit the damned job. The most decent thing he could do was to leave me alone and not make me feel much guilty than already I felt.

'Goodbye Benjamin.' I hissed, resisting the urge to call him names and the person next to him who made him do the calls.

I wasn't born yesterday to not to know that Ace was the one who had Benjamin call me to ask about something as stupid as where soft board pins were kept. Where was he working all these years? Down in the basement? And it didn't need a genius to guess that Ace was the one persuading the old man to ask me to come back so that he could sweep me off my legs like he did the last time.

And that was what I feared. I wasn't as strong as I portrayed to be, especially not in his case. I knew for sure that if I was to see him and hear his voice, I was a goner and would fall back into his charms and trust his lies.

'You could come back you know' Ina suggested, strapping her heels.

I shot her a stink eye and turned my face away, still not talking to her.

After we stayed wasted for whole day, both of us decided that it would be wise to talk about their love life and by the end of it, I was in tears cursing Ace while she searched for phone and dialled Leo. Drunk Ina told few things which made the Satan's spawn barge into our apartment and I was tad bit relieved as well as sad that Ace hadn't tagged along. And since that day, she started to give him her own hints of not breaking off things with him.

I realised that the men of mafia were of different kind. They didn't leave the woman they loved just because she was proving to be difficult. Unlike other men who would break things off when a woman was being a bitch, these mafia men were happy about that and I would never understand why. I could swear that I would see Leo smile the whole night as Ina cried in his arms about him allowing her to leave and not coming behind her. She went even as far as to say that she didn't mind his work but was worried about him being hurt.

Now talk about major betrayal. She did that. And now, I was left all alone without Noah. He was very busy trying to dig up dirt about Mitchell and give the information to Ace's lawyer, so that Mitchell would loose.

'Come on Em. That guy's going crazy without you.' she sighed yet again trying to make me speak with Ace.

'Get out' I hissed though my teeth.

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