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"something about her"

he watched as she roamed around the campus, she was well known around their college due to her activism.

she's in his stats class, he's failing, but she's of course not.

"yo bro who you staring at?" brandon asked his tall, dread headed friend.

"just look at her..." zion mumbled, not breaking the stare he had on her.

"wh- oh leticia! she's in my sociology and english class. she's dope as fuck, she told our english professor a lot of shit which got her kicked out— leticia!" the four eyed boy yelled out, catching her attention. she saw brandon and smiled, walking over to them.

"hey brandon, whats up?" she greeted the boy with a hug.

"nothing at all, just thinking about my next class."

"what class is it?"

"biology, and it's a six hour class." he groaned.

"bitch the fuck y'all doing for six hours? having an orgy?"

"zion!" brandon laughed.

leticia just looked at the tall boy with an amused smile, "i mean, you never said no.."

"we don't do that shit!" brandon laughed. "three hour lecture, three hour lab."

"ohh, makes sense now. well i gotta get to class, nice talking to y'all." she gave brandon a hug, "zion, you coming?"

they had stats next, but he was surprised she knew his name.

"yeah, bye b." he said, dapping up his friend.

"see y'all later." brandon says walking the other direction.

zion couldn't help but stare at leticia throughout the lecture.

the way her eyebrows knitted together as she focused, she way she bit her lip trying to understand their professor, the way she nodded her head, a form of listening.

"alright class," their professor looked at the clock, "we're ending a bit early, y'all are free to go."

everyone started packing up their things.

"so why were you staring at me in class?" leticia teased the tall boy as they walked outside.

"wha- i wasn't staring. i was zoned out." he lied.

"right..." she said unconvinced, "anyways wanna join in on a meCha meeting?" she asked.

"what is that...?"

"we're a student led group who stand up for injustice in our community. really dope how some people our age can care so much about these problems, like most people our age only care about sex, drugs, and partying."

he nods his head and shrugs, "sounds dope, is it cool if i bring the boys?"

leticia nods, "i brought brandon last week and he really liked it, so yeah for sure bring the rest." she smiled.

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