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Roddy pov

"Good morning" Dee cheesed as she hoped in my car. I picked her up from the bus stop every morning and took her to school. I was gonna go by her house but she told me no cause she ain't want her parents to trip.

"Waspopin shorty" I said leaning in and kissing her before I drove off.

"You messed up my lipgloss and it's on yo lips" she said reaching and wiping my lip off with her finger.

"What flavor is this it smell good" I said puckering up my lips trying to smell it.

"Rosehip" she said and she scrunched her face up in pain.

"What's wrong" I said

"My stomach hurt" she said rubbing her stomach

"You gotta take a shit or is cramps" I asked

"I don't know" she said

"Did you eat breakfast" I asked her and she shook her head no.

"You prolly need to eat something" I said making my way to Chick-fil-A

"What you want?" I asked and she just shrugged her shoulder so I just order 2 chicken biscuits some hash browns and orange juice.

"Thanks shorty" I said to the cashier lady as she handed me my food.

"Don't call nobody that" she told me grabbing the bag from my lap

"My bad G" I laughed putting my hands in the air and she just rolled her eyes

"Feed me" I told her

"No feed yourself or better yet get that lady to feed you" she said sipping her juice

"Yo you trippin" I laughed and I snatched the juice out her hand

"Roddy stop playing" she said tryna get it back

"Feed me and I will" I said and she grabbed a hash brown and did the choo-choo noise as she fed me.

"And you call me childish" I stated

"Yea whatever but all jokes aside I gotta tell you something" she said and I squinted my eyes

"What you gotta tell me" I said staring at her

"I'll tell you after school cause we about to be late"

"Really then why the fuck would you tell me you had to talk to me you should have just waited till after school" I told her

"Chill I was just playing dang you can't take a joke" she said

"What you gotta tell me" I said as I pulled up to the school and parked

"I'm gonna be gone for 2 months because I'm taking a trip to Africa" she said

"Damn 2 months is a long ass time. When you leaving?

"This summer. I leave five days after we graduate and I'm coming back one week before I start school in Tallahassee."

"Damn I'm happy you going back to see yo family but we ain't gon see each other for a while"

"I knowwww but I'll come back for the holiday breaks or you can apply for FAMU and we can go to college together and live together"

"Dee I told you that college shit not for me. I'm really tryna take this music shit seriously by the end of next year I'ma be set once I drop my mixtape" I told her

"Okayyyy" she said getting out the car and I was able to see what she had on.

"Okayyyy" she said getting out the car and I was able to see what she had on

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