Chapter 8

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Beth POV

I haven't been to school since my breakdown in English, which was 3 days ago. My parents said it would be best if I stayed home to calm down and to control my emotions. I didn't say no to that one.

Nash and Jack and I have been hanging out a lot lately. Jack and I have needed the assistance of a friend, and Nash was just the person to do it. He's made us laugh countless times in the past few days. Jack's been staying at home too. Turns out he went off on some guy asking why he was crying. I probably would have went off too, so there's no judging him on that.

"Bethany! Your friends are here!" my dad yelled up to me.

"Okay! Be down in a sec!" I responded. I threw my hair up into a high pony tail and hurried down the steps. Nash, Jack, and 2 other guys sat down tree with them. It was the same ones that went to the funeral. One of them I noticed as Cameron, Nash's best friend.

"Hey..." I said awkwardly as the other boy shifted in his seat.

"Hey Beth!" he pulled me into a tight hug.

"I decided to introduce you to my best friends, Cameron and Taylor. You can call him Cam if ya want." he pointed to Cameron, but I remained focused on Taylor. He seemed so familiar, but why? I've never talked to him that I know of.

"Hi Taylor. Hi Cam." I tried to smile, but it ended up being more deformed and noticeably fake.

"I explained the whole situation to them, and what my job is to do for you and Jack. And also to be best friends." he added.

"Thank god I didn't have to." I mumbled sitting on the couch with Jack.

"So, Taylor, this is obviously Bethany and Jack." he chuckled. Taylor smiled a white toothed smile that could make you melt. Not as in like I like him in that way, but he's cute not doubt. But I'm still not over Jack. Maybe never will...

"Hi Beth. I already know you Jack." he laughed a little. Jack smiled and nodded.

"Yeah, I do." Jack says.

"Am I missing something here..." I looked at them skeptically.

"Oh. Me, Jack, Nash, Cameron, and the other Jack were all best friends with some other guys junior year. We all kind of drifted away when we got girlfriends and new friends." Taylor frowned.

"Not to be nosy, but who were your other friends?"

"Umm, Matthew Espinosa, Carter Reynolds, old friend Dillon." he frowned even more, his bottom lip kind of quivering.

"Do you all have girlfriends?"

"Oh no. I never had one." he laughed.

"Carter and Matt got one, am just left. Nash and Cameron and I have just gotten in touch in the last month or so."

"Why you ask?" Nash asked confused.

"Well...after you and Jack left Jack's house...I found something. A lot." I frowned just thinking about it.

"Go get it!" Jack nudged me.

"Okay okay." I held my hands up and ran to my room. I came back down with the box, the notepad, and his journal.

"I found his journal that he wrote in since about Junior year, a notepad with pictures of us, and then..." I teared up and held out the box. Jack carefully took the box and slowly opened it. He instantly began crying and looked inside.

"I CAN'T BELIEVE THESE GUYS!" he cried. Nash held onto him as I took the box away.

"What is it?" Nash asked sadly. I opened it and showed it to him. He frowned deeply and teared up.

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