Chapter 12 : A New Companion

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"A-alright..! Alright..! I heard you, okay?!"

The trip to your next mission alongside with Tanjirou and his sister took a few days by walking. You three did stop by a village first to get some rest, and since then, both of your crows won't stop yelling about the current mission and it almost made your eardrums explode.

'Haahh.. Please.. Just stop all of the noises already.. My ears will fell off anytime soon..'

After what it felt like eternity, the crows finally stopped bothering your ears. But soon enough, a very loud screech suddenly entered your eardrums, making you winced, trying to hold down your pain. And it seems like you are not the only one who notice this.


You have never seen such scene in your life before. In front of you, two figure stood there. One of them wears a yellow with triangle-patterned Haori and he seems to cling onto someone and you can clearly tell tears flowed down to his cheeks. Although, you can't help but feel like his blond-colored chunky hair looked familiar to you.

Even so, you jolted when a tiny sparrow approached the burgundy-haired male. Curious, you went closer to him and took a glance at the sparrow that looked very frustrated.

"Hey little one.. Is there something wrong..?" You asked with a lowered voice. The sparrow seems to try explaining something as it directed its wings towards the blond-haired person that still clings onto a certain braided-haired girl.

You don't have any idea what it was trying to say. All you could tell is that the situation has something to do with the other two people in the distance.

"I see.. Alright then! I'll help!" Without gazing his attention to you, Tanjirou took a few steps forward, leaving you to have no clue of what's truly going on.

"W-wait! Kamado-san? What did the sparrow said?" The burgundy-haired male flinched slightly before he turns his body around as he smiled sheepishly towards you.

"Sorry, (Y/N)-san! The sparrow said that person over there didn't want to stop clinging to the girl and it needs our help!"


"Alright, the situation has already been taken care of. I apologize of how this person treated you earlier." You sigh deeply, feeling embarrassed slightly after noticing the fact that the yellow-haired male is actually a part of the Demon Slayer Corps.

The braided-haired girl, who wears a purple-colored kimono thanked the two of your help to seperate her from the male. She was very glad to be able to stand properly this time without having to struggle like earlier.

Stuttering with his own words, the yellow-haired boy yelled. "HEY! THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE BOTH OF YOU! DON'T YOU SEE THAT GIRL IS GOING TO MARRY ME?!" His loud screech yet again entered your ears, almost giving you a headache from hearing it again.

The girl beside you argued to the boy and explained the reason why she decided to come near him.

Before she left you three completely, she told the blond-haired male a bitter truth that she already has a fiance. The mentioned girl decided to give the blonde a few slaps on the face for her final warning, utterly disgusted by him.

Her action was unexpected that it made both you and Tanjirou flinched, quickly pulling her away again. You knew how annoying the situation she's currently in, yet it's not a good reason to pour salt to the blonde's wounds more than she already did.

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