Promise We Made at My Favorite Sandbox

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My face was turning bright red as he kept kissing me! I was screaming inside with rage ! Fury was gradually building up inside of me, but my body was paralyzed from the shock! Who was this guy and why was he kissing me?!

I finally found the strength to shove him away. Before I could slap him, I got a better look at the mysterious man. He had thick curly brunette hair that almost covered his bright, striking blue eyes. His dark tan skin made him irresistibly attractive. Looking at his facial features, I could tell he was about a year older than me or more.

"What's your problem!!" I finally shouted in pain  

 He stared at me as if he was in another universe. The expression on his face reflected the same pain and shock as mine did.Tears began to build up in my eyes. How could this complete stranger just come and kiss me?! I was saving that kiss for Seth, and he just stole it from me! My heart ached with sorrow and anger!  

"How could you kiss me!? You stole my kiss! That was for Seth and you took it!" I screamed with tears rolling down my face.

The man suddenly snapped back to reality realizing that I was crying.  

"Oh my God! Raspberry I'm so sorry!" he finally shouted

"Stop talking to me like you know me!" I yelled beginning to run 

"No Raspberry! Stop!" he said becoming more and more distant as I ran away from him.

☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

I quietly walked through the door trying not to alert my mom that I was home. I tip toed upstairs to the sanctuary of my room. Slowly I closed the door only allowing a soft cracking sound. After a few seconds of making sure my mom didn't notice I was home, I let out a heavy sigh.

I threw my body on to my bed, allowing it to sooth me with it's softness. Scanning my room, I noticed how gloomy it was. My walls were painted black with nothing but a Paramore poster that I got for Christmas a couple years ago. My floor was covered in a mountain of clothes and my bed was just a small futon. 

Now that I think about it, I am a pretty depressing person in general. Waiting for Seth wasn't as easy as I thought it would be. I mean after ten years, it gets pretty annoying. Maybe I should just move on to somebody else. 

Thinking about somebody else made me think of that man at the park. Why did he kiss me? Do I know him? Nothing makes sense anymore.


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