It All Comes to Ruins

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A/N: The MC is perverted sure, but keep in mind he'd never do anything with any other girl while he's in a relationship with his harem. He's not that despicable...probably.


When morning hit Blake, the aroma of meat, eggs, and toast filled her senses as her eyes fluttered open. She looked to her left to see Ilia curled up into a ball trying to stay warm under blanket as she rubbed her tired eyes. Her hair was completely disheveled as she slowly patted it down before going to open up the tent. The sounds of seagulls and people filled her ears as the bright light of the sun attacked her. She hissed before her eyes adjusted and she walked out to see Y/N chilling on a log with a fire going. There were fried meats on sticks around the fire along with a metal pan being held up by a weird spit roasting thing Y/N made out of wood. Blake started walking towards him as Y/N turned his head to look at her.

The lounging Faunus only had a towel around his waist with sunglasses on as he relaxed. Blake slipped off one of Y/N's hoodies and put it with her pack before approaching Y/N, now in her swimsuit.

"Yo!" Y/N called out happily as he fiddled with the pan. Blake leaned over him to look at what he was making. There was what looked like bacon along with scrambled eggs being cooked in it. There were a few slices of toasted bread already set down on plates.

"That actually smells pretty good." Blake said as she sniffed it. "Despite not looking the greatest."

"Yeah well when you're on the road you learn to not be picky." Y/N remarked as he began separating the food into separate dishes for everyone. "Besides, I can't taste. As long as it gives my body sustenance it's not like it matters."

"Maybe..." Blake said as she grabbed a plate of food and a kebab. "But we do. I'm sure it's not that bad though."

"We're the only ones left in the oasis right now." Y/N said pointing around as Blake looked in the direction. She cocked an eyebrow in wonder as every sign of there ever being another human being in the oasis was completely gone. It looked like it had been practically untouched. "Apparently the tribes have specific time periods where nobody is allowed to use the oasis'. Helps preserve them longer so they don't have to find or make new ones."

"Makes sense." Blake said as she sat down next to him and began to eat. "Where'd you get all the food? Didn't you only pack snacks in the bags?"

"Remember that old goat lady that blew a kiss to me? Well, turns out she was one of the big wig tribe leaders. We started talking for a while and eventually she gave me all this food and some info about our destination." Y/N said as Blake looked intrigued. She took a bite out of the meat and gave a satisfied hum when she realized that it wasn't just meats, there was also fish in the kebab.

"Fish? You're too good to me Y/N." Blake said before downing the rest of it.

"Heh, thank the old goat lady." Y/N chuckled as he pulled out a map. Blake looked it over to see Y/N pointing at a circle the goat lady had drawn on it. "So I had this dream last night of the Relic in some random dilapidated temple. I figured that there's probably no chance anything like that is still standing, so I asked her if there were any large monuments or temples around here. She let me know that if there was one place she could think of, it'd be the ruins of Ikaruga."

"Ikaruga? Like the first settlement created on Menagerie?" Blake raised an eyebrow as Y/N nodded.

"It's about a 11 mile trek to get to them, but apparently the temple has another oasis nearby. The goat lady said we could use this one to get prepared and then said we could make it to the next oasis by nightfall. Then we grab Destruction, Arslan will take us to get Knowledge, and then it's smooth sailing until we get back to Kuo Kuana to prepare for the fight against the Fang. Elen should have some people trained and ready to fight as well. We may not have numbers, but we have me. That's all we really need honestly." Y/N grinned before someone hit him over the head and he groaned. "Wha?!"

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