A Forgotten Soul

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   "Take my hand"

   She had said. Her voice mixed in with the wind as it whipped everything in its path.

   "Join me and together we will be unstoppable"

   My lips quivered as I stared up at her. Temptation wanted to give in. I was warned about her lies but something about her gave warmth. It gave off warmth I had never experienced before.

   "I see your hesitance. If you just take my hand"

   My eyes fluttered closed as I slowly brung my hand out to hers. I felt her fingers lightly touch mine, as though my hand was made of glass. Her touch was just as warm as her voice.

    "Such a broken human"

   My heart fluttered at that. She understood how I felt and I for once felt at piece. I could care less if she stole my soul or sent me to hell. She seemed to understand and that was all that  I had needed in life.

   "Why is such a fragile thing like you here I wonder..."

   She slowly lifted my hand to her lips, pressing a soft kiss to my hand. A smile formed as she spoke once more, me being eager to hear that wonderful voice of hers.

   "It's a shame for what will come"

   I was prepared. I was ready. I came here for one reason. I wanted to come face to face with this demon, who was well known for erasing your memories and having you a soulless body wandering around until your body would rot.

   She was known to give off a false reassurance. But I could understand that she did actually understand. She was working for the devil of course, and she couldn't just have one good thing. For her to be evened out of her blessing, she needed to have a negative thing.

   She is true beauty. She is what no one else could ever be... My soul swims off with the wind as my body becomes empty. I'm filled with joy yet emptiness. I can't quite remember what caused me this euphoria, but I could care less. I was free.

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