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''You ready'' Called Jacob.

''Just a minute'' I replied from my bedroom.''Todays the day'' I told myself. I pulled on my favorite jeans which has about three holes in them but Jacob got me them so I could never let them go. Then put on a turquoise singlet that I got when I turned fifteen  a year ago. I put on some boots and opened the door to see Jacob standing there with his signature grin on his face.

'' Now I am ready''I said in a delighted voice. '' Good cause Im pumped!!!!'' He said with enthusiastic look. We were going on plane ride on a tiny jet that Jacob uncle Adrian flies. 

''Bye mum!!!''I Said in a sweet voice. 

''Have fun sweetie pie'' She said happily as she bake an apple pie cause she has a little business down the street called'' Bianca's Bakery'', she loves working there. My dad works in the army and is in a war stricken country right now. Just thinking about the risks makes me feel like I am going to faint. I was lost in thought about my dad we my hand was dragged out the door by jacob.

''You right Casey?. 

''Oh yeah must of drifted of there.,........ I was was '' I was trying to finish the sentence but I couldn't .

''Your dad?''he said finish my sentence and gave my hand a friendly squeeze while smiling at me.

'' Yeah , you just read my mind'' I replied joking around. ''Well i don't think there's time to joke around ,your plane arrives in thirty minutes'' Added in my mum.

''Oh , she's right lets go'. Me and Jacob hoped in the car. Jacob had just gotten his license two weeks ago so he was driving. Jacob Is Seventeen and Im sixteen and one quarter. Me and jacob meet in preschool his family is Italian and I was Australian his family had just moved to Australia so my mum offered to show them around and they became best friends . They started scheduling play dates so they could hand out and soon enough me and Jacob were best friends. We went to the same school which was catholic . Now we are in a co-Ed high school. So basically we've spent our lives together. 

We both want to be Zoo keepers. We both want to live in an apartment until we find a house.So thats how we met

For some reason I felt weird like i wasn't meant to be here.something was wrong But jacob seemed fine so I probably just ate some bad food at school. Then Jacob Said'' Isn't this great we've got our whole lives planed out and we will have so much fun doing it'' He said happily. ''We were nearly to the airport when Jacob asked'' Hows it going with your boyfriend Zac?Jacob asked Liked it hurt to say it . But i was to enraged to care. ZAC ...... I never wanted to hear that sick persons voice again. Yo But u might think I'm being a little over the top but I'm not. He heard about this plane ride me and Jacob were doing and said If we were going to be together I HAD TO STOP BEING FRIENDS WITH JACOB !!!!. When he said that I swear that an angel died!!!! So I slapped him and said we were through. He was fine with it. ''Casey remember My question????'' He asked.

''Oh Yeah , Well lets just say I would rather have a awesome Best friend then a boyfriend who didn't care. '' That's good , But you sure your not just saying that cause Iv'e taking you on a plane trip'' He laughed 

''Thats a hard question '' I replied laughing. Here we are I thought. The airport was great. We first got a snack I got peanut m'n'ms and Jacob got a packet of rock deli sea salt chips. We were ready to hope on the plane!!! We were going over to more of the country side of Australia. We walked to the Gate and Adrian was there smiling .

''Nephew !!!'' Called Adrian.

''Uncle!!'' Jacob called back.'' Remember Casey??'' Asked Jacob. 

''How could I forget Casey!!!??'' Laughed Adrian Giving us a hug.

Adrian Was a chuby man with tan Olive skin with a black mustache and black hair. He had brown eyes and a big smile with a tooth missing. He Looked like Jacob but Jacob is skinner and has light olive skin with hazelnut  eyes with a beautiful smile. I wish I was Italian because all I had was straight light brown hair with blue eyes. My smile was alright but not as good as Jacob's.

''You Ready??'' Asked Adrian.\

''As ready as I'll ever be!!!'' I replied Now a little worried because I had never been on a plane unlike Jacob who has flown all around the world!!

We walked in to the little jet and strapped ourselves in. ''Im going to take of now''Said Adrian 

''Ok!!'' I said nervously. The engine started I felt Jacob's hand In mine and I heard Him say softly'' It will be fine''.  I Knew Jacob was never wrong so I closed my eyes and before I knew we were in the air.

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