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preeeesenting...!! a bangs boi pov chapter!!

Dear Funkyhair,

Do you miss me? I miss you.

And Linh's saying it's getting unhealthy. Maybe it is? She says I'm being more moody than usual. That I'm spending too much time on my own. That I'm spending too long staring at the sketch you gave me before you left. You know, the one of you as a t-rex with Grady chasing you. The sketch you drew before all THIS happened.

In my defense, it's funny. And it makes the absence of the real thing a little duller.

I miss you, Keefe. I miss you so much it's literally a physical ache inside my chest. The only thing different about this kind of pain is that Elwin can't fix it. Only you can.

Oh- and also, if your mom puts you through any 'special' ability training... turn a couple of them into stone for me.

You know, as payback for whacking me upside the head, pretty much kidnapping me and forcing me to...yeah. Let's not go there.

Linh just walked in and saw me writing this. And...she pretty much begged me to stop. They all think you're dead, you know. The only reason I know you're still alive is because I saw Ruy come to get you.

I swear I wanted to help. But it was literally all I could do just to keep myself hidden.

They don't believe me, Keefe. And I'm not sure why. I even let Forkle have a look into my head. You know how much I hate people poking around my memories, but I DID it. And...he couldn't see the memories. He couldn't see how they hauled you off.

All he saw in my head was the same thing Sophie saw. And now they're just telling me I'm stuck in denial. I'm NOT. I know what I saw, and if they won't help me get you back, I'll do it myself.

See, I do care about you, Keefe. I do. I care. I care so much it hurts.

But...enough about me. How are you? Are they treating you okay? Did you turn Gethen to stone yet? Or at least Trix? Or someone else?

I'd honestly pay to see that.

And also...I'm sorry about what they made you do to Ro.

And Elwin.

We all miss them, and I'm pretty sure Sophie cries about it every day.

Just...I know this letter's never going to reach you, but...please. Stay strong and don't let your mind break.

We all know exactly how you deal with guilt: by being reckless. And...you literally can't do that right now, if I'm right.

So. Just...don't let your thoughts consume you. Stay strong, Keefe.

I'll be coming for you.

Yours, (well, not really yours, but I think you'd get it. Why am I even doing this? There's no way you can see it.)

Bangs Boy.

ooh wow, we just got a whole bunch of plot twists!

also,..remember what i said a while ago about this not being as angsty as Blood&Petals?

guess what.

I may or may not have changed my mind about that.

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