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Pucca's POV

I carefully slid the bowl of ramen on the table, glancing at our current customer whom was Santa. I gave him yet another small smile, waving at him. "Enjoy your meal! And be careful, it's hot." I thoughtfully reminded him as he chuckled. "Oh ho ho, thank you Pucca. I'll remember not to burn my mouth again." Santa said as he picked up his chopsticks. "I'll be off now, see you and enjoy!" I said as he bid me good-bye as well.

I slid my hand into my aprons pocket, taking out a pencil and a little notebook. I looked up and scanned my eyes around the room, searching for customers as a sudden 'thing' rubbed against my leg. I glanced down spotting a black furred cat a bit startled. The cat purred continuing to rub up against my leg. "Awe, hey there buddy. What're you doing in here?" I softly asked with a smile as the cat looked up. I halted, taking a good look at the cat as I found it.. familiar.

I bit my bottom lip and squatted down taking a closer look at the cat. "M..Mio?" I muttered as he suddenly lunged himself on me with another 'meow'. I fell back but thankfully saved myself, a chuckle escaping my lips. Hold on.. if Mio is here then- "Mio! There you are. What trouble are you getting into now?" A deep, quite rather husky voice called out. I quickly shot my gaze up, suddenly wide-eyed.

My heart skipped a beat as I realized who it was. I felt Mio leap off my lap as he walked over to his owner— Garu. I gulped still sitting on the ground, finding myself examine him. He looks more different now.. more— mature. "..Pucca?" He called out raising an eyebrow. I brought myself back to reality, rapidly standing up. "I-I uh— Garu? Hi." I gave him an awkward- yet apologetic smile. Apologetic? "Oh, so it is you. Haven't seen you awhile." Garu replied, bringing his hand up to the side of his neck as he rubbed it.

Is he nervous? He looks nervous. I nodded. "Y-Yeah! Haven't seen you in-awhile too.." I responded, tucking in a piece of loose hair to the back of my ear. Garu surprisingly smiled— he looked so handsome. I mentally shook my head, feeling my cheeks heat up. "So, quite busy are you? Sorry on be-half of this little trouble maker." He explained with a small grin as we both glanced down at Mio whom patiently sat down beside him.

I giggled, giving Mio a little wave. "It's okay, I don't mind his company." I declared as Mio replied with a loud purr. I averted my gaze back to Garu, taking my time in examining him and his features. His sudden sharp jawline, thin lips and gorgeous smile- agh. My heart melted at his presence, I felt all warm and fuzzy. Just like before, 4 years ago when I was 13 and reckless. Garu and I suddenly met gazes, our eyes meeting each others for a brief moment.

I quickly looked away, feeling my cheeks heat up once again. I cupped my hands together and placed it against my chest, I could feel my heart beat faster every second. It's like my own heart could just jump out of my chest at this point.

Garu's POV

I felt my gaze soften at her— seeing her all shy. It's rare since she's known for being so bold and confident. Pucca cleared her throat glueing her eyes back to mine, the blush on her cheeks still evident. "W-Well, i'd be happy to serve you food right now if you'd been waiting." She offered with another bright smile. I blushed at the sight, nodding. "I- yeah. I'd like that, thank you." I responded as I lead her to my table.

"I'd just like the classic Goh-Rong noodles." I stated taking a seat as Mio followed. Pucca nodded, the same smile still plastered onto her face. I brought my palm to my cheek, finding myself stare at Pucca again. I somehow felt so mesmerized by her— i've never felt this way before. Not in the 5 years i've know her, I haven't felt this way for anyone before. "Alright Garu, i'll be back with your food. Well, either I will or Dada. Depends." She stated as her eyes seemed to sparkle.

"I'd rather it be you." I carelessly muttered while zoned-out, suddenly realizing what I'd said. "What was that?" Pucca asked with an eyebrow raised. "N-Nothing! I said alright thank you." I protested with an awkward grin, feeling Mio rest onto my lap. Pucca giggled, nodding her head but not seeming convinced. "Okay then. I'll see you in a bit." She stated walking away to the kitchen. I nodded, heaving a deep sigh afterwards. I placed a hand on Mio's head, gently grooming him. "That was a close one. I wonder when I started blurting out such things."

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