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Chaeryeong eventually came to while Yeji was investigating the room. She groaned in pain, causing Yeji to turn around from observing the candles.

"Ah, you're awake," Yeji said way too calmly for an assault and kidnap victim.

Chaeryeong sat in the bed for a few minutes, blankly staring off into space. Yeji continued to examine the room, being careful not to move too quick and cause her head to hurt even more than it already did. She stood up on her tiptoes to feel as high as she could in the corners of the room, feeling for a familiar object.

Chaeryeong sighed. "Again?"

"Yep," Yeji confirmed. "And she took Ryujin."

"She took Ryujin?" Chaeryeong sounded panicked as she abruptly stood from the bed, only to slowly sit back down while clutching her head.

Yeji hummed in response. "We need to hurry up and find a way out. We don't know what she's doing to Ryujin up there. You wouldn't happen to have a hairpin on you, would you?"

"No. But I thought you couldn't get out of here? I remember Yuna boasted about the security of the basement one time."

"Said it was 'fool-proof'." Yeji went to stand in the middle of the room, head tilted up to observe the lone beam with the black chain wrapped around it. It was odd how a room had only one visible beam. Normal rooms had a few more than that. But Yeji knew better than to think nothing of it. A quick glance at the sight wouldn't anybody of how the candles' light was bouncing off the lense of a small camera tucked snug between the chains and the beam.

"It's a good thing I'm not a fool," Yeji breathed as she headed to a table and proceeded in removing the candles from it.

Ryujin took back every good thing she said about Yuna as she stared down the black barrel of a handgun. She couldn't stop the tears of fright rolling down her face as she stared up at the bodyguard who was aiming at her, Yuna standing a few feet behind him and pinching the bridge of her nose.

"Tell the truth, Ryujin."

"I am!" Ryujin cried, voice hiccuping. "I really am! He's dead, too! I'm not making anything up!"


Yuna kicked the back of the man's legs, causing him to fall to the ground, the gun landing on Ryujin's lap. Ryujin was too scared and shaky to pick the gun up, to which Yuna casually grabbed it instead.

"Calm down, I'm not gonna shoot you," Yuna scoffed when she saw Ryujin jump. "I just think how it's odd how your father conveniently died when we needed him."

How was Ryujin supposed to know he was dead? She had no contact with him in years. She didn't even know what he looked like. It wasn't her fault!

"The email is right here! How can I lie about this?"

"How convenient of your mom to email you, don't you think?"

"That's the only way she can contact me!"

Before Yuna had sent the video off, they had discovered multiple emails from Ryujin's mom, asking if she was okay and to come home because she was worried. The latest email that was received a day ago informed them that the cops have been notified and asked if her disappearance had anything to do with her father's death, to let her know and she'd tell authorities. Of course Ryujin wouldn't be able to do that, due to a certain psychopath standing a couple of feet away.

Yuna had a thoughtful look on her face as she spun the gun around on her finger, Ryujin watching nervously as it went around and around and around. She really hoped that Yuna would spare her and not shoot her in the face or something. But she also knew Yuna was crazy and could easily off Ryujin with no problem.

"You're lying," she claimed, sounding so sure. "We're gonna pay your dear father a visit!"

Oh no. This was it. Yuna was going to take Ryujin to where we the father stayed, got mad when she doesn't see him there, and kill Ryujin on the spot. She felt more tears well up in her eyes as Yuna stopped spinning the gun and nudged the guard on the floor to get up. She grabbed Ryujin's upper arm so delicately for someone who was just playing with a weapon capable of murder, and pulled a hesitant Ryujin up.

"Don't worry," Yuna calmly said as they headed out the room and down the hall, "I'm not gonna hurt you, Ryujin. I quite like you, actually."

There was a slight blush on Yuna's cheeks.

God, Ryujin really needed some soy sauce.

The two entered the living room, where Ryujin was instructed to sit. The bodyguard from Yuna's room was standing just a foot away, keeping an eye on her. Yuna was talking with a few other guards when one briskly walked up to her, a somewhat concerned look on his face. He talked low so Ryujin couldn't hear him, but Yuna let her know what happened loud and clear.

"What? How is my camera down? Nobody was supposed to be able to see it!"

Ryujin really hoped she wasn't referring to the basement.

The guard said something else and Yuna scoffed. "Oh well. They can starve for all I care."

Oh no, she was. It had to have been near the chain. That's the only logical place, unless the camera is tiny enough to hide elsewhere. And Yuna wasn't the least bit concerned about Yeji and Chaeryeong...

The guard said more and Yuna sighed. "Okay, fine. Go check on them and get the camera back up. Ryujin and I are gonna pay someone a visit."

The guard nodded and did as he told. Yuna nodded to the one by Ryujin, and he gripped her arm tighter than Yuna had before dragging her to the door and out towards a black car that looked a little bit familiar. She didn't say a word because she didn't know what exactly to say. All she knew was that her heart threatening to jump out of her chest just might kill her before Yuna did.

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