Chapter 3

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I wake up around a half hour later, blood still coming from the wound in my back. I realize Tobias has left and the memories of what happened flood my brain. I have to find him, but where... wait! The chasm, of course, its were we first kissed. I could feel my consciousness slipping away, so I moved as fast as I could.

I stumbled a bit along the way, but finally made it to our secret spot. Tobias is leaning against the wall with tears down his face and his hands combing through his hair. I wobble over to him and fall into his arms, my blood seeping through his shirt. It takes a few minutes for him to realize my injuries, and he gingerly picks me up and takes me back to his apartment. He places me on his bed, and I'm sure that if I hadn't lost so much blood, I would be blushing furiously right now.

My vision started to swim in front of my arms and I was out of focus when I realized he was cleaning out my arm wounds. Once an Abnegation, alway an Abnegation. I blank out for a few more minutes when I feel him move me onto my stomach, still on the bed.

He bends down to my level and says, " Sorry I have to uncover you, Tris. Have mercy on me." He then slips he fingers under the hem of my shirt, sending electric sparks through my body. He swipes of my shirt in a single movement, I'm only in my bra now and I feel EXTREMELY exposed.

I start to squirm away to grab my shirt, but Tobias lightly places a hand on my bare back, making me freeze with fear and... enjoyment? He, once again bends down to speak with me only, this time, I talk to him.

" Its okay. I was just a little uncomfortable," I say and kiss him firmly on the mouth. He forgets the task at hand and skims my upper lip with his tongue to ask for entrence, which I refuse.

" You seen to have forgotten why my shirt was off in the first place," I say, referring to the shard of glass in my back, "now get to work!" He sighs and mumbles something about hating mirrors and how they always get in the way.

He then puts a liquid on my back which makes my cuts burn a thousand time worse then before and I scream through gritted teeth. Before I can tell him to stop, he pulls out the glass and places a patch over the wound. I'm now crying intensely and can't seem to stop. I look up at him and see sorrow in his eyes, but not pity. I would've been disappointed if I had seen pity.

He pulls me close to him and whispers sweet nothings in my ear until I fall asleep in his arms. Last thing I hear is, "sleep, Tris. I will fight off the bad dreams. I'll use my bare hands if I have to."

*Disclaimer: Veronica Roth owns all characters and some parts of this story, not me!*

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