Chapter 2

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After I set Tris down on my couch, I run to the only place I can think of. The chasm. I remember when I rescued Tris from here, when Peter and Drew and... Al. They hurt her, they hurt my Tris, but now I was just the same. I feel the half-dried tear trails on my face grow wet. I hurt her, I was just like Marcus, she doesn't deserve me.

After what seemed like mere minutes, I saw a small but stunning figure stumble towards me and fall into my arms. I feel a wet patch on my shoulder when she cries into it. But not until after I look down do I realize it wasn't tears, it was blood. her blood, that I made her shed. I placed her comfortably in my arms and jogged her back to my place.

I set her down on my bed. She was semi-conscious, but I didn't take her to the infirmary, I know how much she hates it there. I clean out the wounds on her arms when I notice the worst of the blood is coming from the glass stuck in her back. I will have to remove her shirt to address the stab wound. Although I know it will make her uncomfortable, its the only way I can help her.

"I'm sorry to have to uncover you Tris," I say to her, "have mercy on me."

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