The Immortals: Chapter five

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Chapter 5

Eques' point of view

I jogged back to the forest, stripping my jacket off and flying into the sky, loving the feeling of the wind in my hair and the slight moisture on my skin from the clouds. I flew around for hours, swooping in and out of the clouds, looking down on the scenery below. I was above a thick forest, and as I continued flying I saw a patch of blue-green, a lake. Curiosity taking me, I flew lower, landing on top of one of the tallest trees overlooking the lake. It was empty, save for a deer cautiously lapping up water on the edge. I saw a small fawn bounding around her, it's movements as ungraceful as a deer could be. I smiled as I watched the mother doe herd her child back into the safety of the forest. Nature really was beautiful.

When they left, I flew down until I was almost touching the water and reached my hand out, skimming the surface and sending spray all over my body. I laughed, landing on the sandy beach. I removed my sandals, my jacket and my shirt, revealing my toned muscles. Usually, I didn't like being under-clothed in any place except for my bathroom and my bedroom, but I was alone.

I flew to the center of the lake, about 10 feet above, tucked my knees and arms in, and in one quick motion, tucked my wings tight against my back. I went soaring into the water, hitting the surface with a force that stung, but not enough to cause injuries. I opened my eyes and looked through the murky green water to see fish of all sizes swimming away madly. Bubbles surrounded me, heading towards the surface. I swam deeper and farther, pushing my muscles and my lungs to its fullest extent. When i could hold my breath no longer, I swam up, my head breaking the surface. I was near the edge once again, but on the opposite side of my clothes. I swam across the lake idly, taking my time to enjoy swimming. There weren't many places to swim in the Kingdom, one I think. I frowned at this, swimming was a great pass-time and it's a pity the Immortals don't do it more.

I walked out of the water, spreading my wings out and shaking the water off my body. I padded into the forest and sat on the grass, urging the water to drip off me. After a couple minutes, I realized that I cold just 'air dry'. I stood up, jumping into the air and flapping my wings higher into the sky. I pushed my wings, flying at speeds of almost 50 miles per hour. By the time I'd gotten back, I was as dry as I was before, and I ran a hand through my hair, trying to fix the windswept mess. I pulled my shirt over my head, and tied my jacket around my waist.

Slipping on my sandals, I flew into the safety of the clouds, uttering the transport words into the Kingdom. I arrived within seconds, strolling through the entrance with a calm nod to the guards. I walked along the cobblestone street, greeting a couple of the citizens I knew by name. I walked into the palace to see my father coming down the purple grand staircase. 

"Oh, hello Eques! Remember, we have a meeting tomorrow with the high elders. Please make sure that you are home at least an hour before, I want you looking presentable."

I nodded absentmindedly, heading up the stairs and into my room. I opened the thick wooden door and padded inside, sitting down on the bed. I lit a candle, watching the sky darken slowly. the stars' orbited in the sky like the earth did around the sun, so our nighttime was very similar to those on the surface. I headed over to the library, pulling out my copy of the fist volume of Wuthering Heights. It was a surface book, but the Immortals read it also, marveling at the feelings the characters portrayed in the novel. My copy was well used, I remembered when I'd first discovered the book, in 1849.

Oh, that's right. I'm 317 years old. Quite young for an Immortal, actually! Ascensio is 709, my older brother. We never had gotten along after I was declared prince. It wasn't as if I WANTED the role of future Lord, but who was I to object? The Kingdom would be a mess if Ascensio were to rule. I shuddered at the thought. 

Settling into the pillows, I opened Wuthering Heights to the first page. I could almost recite it word for word. 

"1801- I have just returned from a visit to my landlord, the solitary neighbour that I shall be troubled with." 

The first sentence was like another home to me, Immediately whisking me off back to the age of the early 1800's. I sighed, reading on with warm eyes. 

Even the Immortals have soft spots. 


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