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"Why do all of you tells me to get back with him? He made a wrong decision at first, he made it right in the end. Now he wants to do the same mistake again." Dahyun said to Jungyeon and Chaeyoung when they are in the practice room alone.

"Why? He's putting an effort." Chaeyoung said.

"Effort? I'm the opposite of his ideal type. I got carried away because of my feelings for him that's why I dated him, I was sorry for not being what he expected me to be. I am not Somi, I am not IU sunbaenim, I'm just an ordinary Idol." Dahyun shook her head.

"What are you saying???" Chaeyoung asked and clinging to her.

"I am not a main vocalist, I am a main rapper, I am not old for him, I am not as tall as he wanted, I am not good at everything like him, and I know I told this already. Repeating it makes me feel like I'm not really an Ideal."

"You are! Yugyeom sunbaenim likes you! Jimin sunbaenim does like you! You're beautiful, inside and out." Chaeyoung said. "Tell her, Jungyeon eonni."

"What? Yeah, Chae's right." Jungyeon's phone rang. "Who's this? Somi?"

"Somi? Why is she texting you?" Chaeyoung asked, Jungyeon shrugged and read the message.

"I've been messaging Dahyun eonni but I don't think she's reading or checking her phone. I got an information where Jungkook was involve in a car accident near XXX. I don't know If it's real."

"Car accident? Is she up to something again???" Jungyeon asked.

"What? No, not again. Call Jin sunbaenim, eonni." Chaeyoung told her.

"Why me? Dahyun, you call. That's your brother." Dahyun did as what Jungyeon and Chaeyoung said.


"U-uh, oppa. How's BTS?" She asked.

"Why are you suddenly asking?" Dahyun closed her eyes not knowing what to tell him. "Oh, he's fine now??? The car? Where did they take it?" Dahyun heard like he's talking to someone else.


"Ah, sorry. We're here at the police station, Jungkook got into a car accident."

"Police? You're supposed to be at the hospital checking him???" She asked confused.

"Yeah, supposed to but he doesn't have any wound. He doesn't want to be in the hospital."



Dahyun rushed with Jungyeon at the police station.

"Jungkook was the cause of the accident." They heard the police said.

"What?" Dahyun asked.

"Miss Dahyun."

"Officer, I heard my brother was here."

"Yes, he's inside."

"Thank you." Dahyun and Jungyeon bowed at them and entered the station, she saw Jungkook and Jin talking to the police and with someone on the side. "Oppa." They all turned and saw her with Jungyeon.

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