1.Aayat's life

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Aayat's pov:

"How much more time you are going to spend here in this deafening library Aayat?" Whisper yelled Humaira to me who was sitting on the right opposite side of mine. She was asking this for the hundredth time. Why won't she? She never studies unless only 2 days are remaining for exams.

"What's your problem humi? We still have half an hour remaining for the next lecture. Just use the free time for study idiot!" I replied to her while turning the page of the book I was reading. It was a book about politics and governance. I from the very beginning was very interested in the study of social sciences and I was again engrossed into the book but Humaira again kicked my feet from below the table making me almost yelp but I controlled it as she said,

"You know free time is not meant to be used! It is for wasting. Why don't we just go and hang around the campus or , or let's go and eat. Anyways today I came to college without eating anything."

"Just shut up humi." I said glaring at her and she glared back at me. She is such a drama queen. Humaira is my best friend since high school. When I met her , she was a very shy type person. Opposite to the Humaira now. She had now become sarcastic as ever. But no matter how she is, I love her!

"You know what Aayat? You are a nerd, and I regret coming here with you!" Humaira said as she closed the book she was PRETENDING to read. I just smirked as I could see her cheeks turning tomato due to anger. My smirk triggered her more and due to anger she banged her book loudly on the table. And what happened next was making me laugh my life out.

The lady from the library staff, Mrs. Andrews came towards her and said,

"Listen miss, I have been ignoring you too many times. If I see you creating noise one more time, I will make sure you don't come here for a week!"

Saying so she walked away when I laughed silently at Humaira who was having a GOD-JUST-KILL-ME look on her face.

"I will deal with you later Aayat?" She warned me and I just kept muffling my laughter over what had just now happened.

The next half an hour was spent studying and than I issued the book I had loaned from library and kept it in my bag.

As soon as we exited the college library Humaira bursted at me not before taking a sigh of relief,

" Ms. Aayat Saeed, if you request me one more time to come with you to library I will not come and you better know it!"

I controlled my laugh and held her hand as she was walking fastly ahead of me and said,

"Okay okay cool down humi! Sorry I laughed at you." She nodded and smiled at me.

"But you know what?"I asked her, she said what and I replied,

"The scene when Ms. Andrews scolded you was damn funny and you looked so afraid , I can't even-" I again bursted into laughter as I heard her mumbling,

"Seriously this girl will never let go a chance to annoy me."

She turned towards me and said while making angry face,
"I hate you nerdy!"

I pouted and said,
"But I love you sweetie."

We both bursted into laughter as we both know we can't be angry with each other for long time.

We were about to reach our class when I heard someone calling my name from behind. I turned over and saw Faiza and Sonia, my another two best of friends screaming

"Wait wait Aayat and humi we are here!"

Huh, those two! Everyone in our group is a big drama queen!well yeah except me..

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