Nefertari's First Love

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I was filled with rage when I exited the throne room and I could feel my old personality rushing back at me. Before Nefertari came in to my life, I was a Pharaoh feared by everyone, I did what I wanted and I freely wielded my sword around, without having any later regrets but Nefertari changed my viewpoint of life and I started to value others. Courtiers triggered my old personality today and I am afraid I'll once again turn into the monster that I was.

I walked by the corridors that led into my private garden and I heard someone sniffling. The only other person allowed in my garden was Nefertari and I rushed to the garden to find her sitting on the bench near my pond. She raised her head and looked at me. A searing pain ripped through my heart to find that her eyes had swollen from her crying and her khol applied had become smudged from the tears. The tears rolled down her eyes even when she was looking straight at me. I basically ran towards her and pulled her into a hug. She continued to cry in my embrace wetting my royal robe with her tears.

"What is wrong , my love? Why are you crying?"

"I'm so sorry Sese. I'm so sorry"

I took a step back and looked at her face.

"I really wanted to share the details of my past with you, Sese but I was afraid to do so, because I thought I will be putting our relationship in danger. I thought that if you knew that I'm a half Hittite you would think of me as an enemy and I will be never be able to bear it. I just hid it for us, and look what it had turned into. All courtiers are turning against you because of me. I'm so sorry , my dear".

"Don't worry about the courtiers, I've handled that nuisance already. I found about the Hittite connection a few days ago and I didn't question you about it because I trust you , my Nefertari. Just remember love, I might be the Pharaoh but for you I'm your husband and I don't want to hear things about you, from others. I want you to talk to me about things. Now is there anything else that I should know about?"

"No Sese, I've not hidden anything else from you", she stated with a faint smile. I was surprised as I thought that she will mention sharing letters with a Hittite to me ,but she didn't. I played along and asked her to go rest without letting my thoughts reflect on my face.

After Nefertari walked out of the garden , I sat near the pond reminiscing about the good times I've spent with her and was surprised that she had the need to hide her correspondence to the enemy from me. It's not like I would have punished her for it. I would have only asked her to be careful. Her not being transparent of her activities made me a little suspicious of her.

A guard announced that Mentus was seeking an audience with me and I asked him to come meet me in the garden. Mentus was looking disturbed when he approached me and he was only speaking of the happenings at the throne room but I knew his mind was burdened from another matter.

"Mentus, I'm not just your Pharaoh I'm also your best friend. You should not fear to speak your mind. I know something is bothering you. Speak openly, my friend."

"Your Majesty, The thing is even though I brought the Hittite matter to your attention a few days ago , I've been investigating the matter for quite some time now. There is a few things that I would like to share with you, your Majesty but I'm afraid it will upset you immensely."

"Speak freely Mentus. I know that you will always speak the truth and that you wish nothing but happiness for me. I have told you , please call me Ramses when we are alone. I don't like hearing my best friend being so formal with me."

"Yes your Majesty, I mean Ramses."

"Ramses, I have been questioning our spies deployed at Hattusa and the Hittite slaves working at the palace regarding her highness connection to the Kingdom Hattusa. I found out that after her family was killed by your father, she ran away to Hattusa. Her highness would have been around 11 years old when she left Egypt. I learnt from a spy, that there is a rumor that the Crown Prince of Hattusa, Prince Yali had fallen in love with an Egyptian girl but his father was against it and the girl was forced to leave the lands. Many Hittites were aware of the relationship that the beautiful Egyptian girl had shared with Prince Yali and many have seen them walk in the streets in broad day light, holding hands. Another spy from the palace of Hattusa reported that the crown prince was even ready to leave the kingdom and it's riches for the woman he loved , but she disappeared before that."

I looked at him with a bank face as I knew where this information is going.

"Ramses, there are some slaves at our palace here that have served the crown prince Yali at Hattusa. I took one of them to the corridor and let her have a direct view of her highness Queen Nefertari and she immediately recognized her as the lady love of Crown Prince Yali. I didn't want to risk her talking about it to anyone, so I imprisoned her and took her to the secret underground prison at the storage. Another slave recognized her as her Lady Kasa of Prince Yali. I've imprisoned her too, Ramses."

I raised my head and looked at him. There was a silent storm building inside my head but I knew that Mentus has not finished yet. All of a sudden , he knelt beside me and took my hand in his. He kissed it before giving me a small piece of a papyrus.

"What is this?"

" This is a copy of the last letter that her highness has sent to the kingdom Hattusa and one of our imprisoned slaves said that the message was coded. Therefore it cannot be understood but it was signed as LADY KASA and it was addressed to SETHUR, which is another name given for Crown Prince Yali ,after he captured the land of the Mittani's."

My heart just stopped. There was an unknown feeling of pain pooling inside me. My Nefertari vowed that she loved me but has been corresponding with not just any Hittite but with my arch enemy Yali. I felt so betrayed. I will confront her for this one way or the other.

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