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   The light in the room was dark. She knew that right away when she had stirred herself awake. Who she was, where she was, and how she got here was unknown. All she knew was that she was laying down in a bed in a room.

   She couldn't move her body. She could only breathe and move her eyes around. She should be panicking but she only felt calm about the situation. Something about it all felt nice.

  Perhaps it was the silence with not one single noise. Or maybe it was the temperature, a strange warmth that surrounded her body in a hug. Whatever it was, she felt content. She didn't know how long she laid there for. All she knew was that she could not move but could still breathe and move her eyes around.

   The room was white. She didn't know what color shirt she wore or if she even  wore a shirt at all. She knew the room was white though. Silence blessed her ears as she stared at the ceiling, looking at the cracking patterns.

   When she inhaled, she tasted rot and dust in the back of her throat. When she blinked her eyes would squeeze out a tear due to the room being dry. But she didn't mind. 

   Hours went by as she laid in this state. Her grey eyes moved from side to side, examining the room she had woke up in. The sky stayed the same gloomy color, and the place stayed silent. No birds made noise and no sounds of people from miles away.

   Most people would panic, but she didn't. Something about it calmed her. But as the hours passed, she finally noticed that the room had changed. Right next her was a pouch of red liquid hung up on a bar.

   She didn't know what it was but as her eyes followed the small tube with the liquid inside, she realized it connected to her wrist. She would have liked to get up and tug it out, but could not move.

   The room stayed silent and she could still breathe and move her eyes around. She decided to ignore the pouch of liquid. Something about it startled her.  What was in the pouch? How did it get there with no noise made? Was she perhaps deaf?

  If that was so she wouldn't have been able to hear her own breathing then. She decided to make up shapes from the cracks in the ceiling. Hours went by as this cycle continued. The sky still stayed the same dreary color.

   But the room seemed to change! It felt chilly and she wished there was a blanket for her to snuggle up in. She wished the day could restart from when the room was warm. She wished there was no bag of unknown red liquid attached to her wrist. She wished that the sky would change just a little.

   She ignored the temperature and the bag, and decided it was best she closed her eyes and enjoyed the darkness. She felt better knowing she wouldn't have to see the bag in the corner of her eyes. She only breathed now, enjoying the silence that was left.

   Hours passed by when she heard the wings of a bird flap into the room. It squawked as it landed on something. She immediately opened her eyes and looked around the room. The sky looked the same yet the smell began to taste of one damp and earthy. It seemed to have gotten colder as well.

   She finally noticed that it was a crow, perched on the bar that held the now empty bag. The crow's beady eyes peered at her, and she felt scared. It seemed as though her eyes were frozen on the bird.

   Her mouth could not move to make noise. Her body could not get up and run or curl up into a ball to warm her freezing body. She could only taste earth and rot. She could only smell mold and dust.

    She wished she knew who she was. She wished she knew how she got here. She wished many things, that would never be given to her because her breathing started to slow until it stopped and she was left suffocating as she stared at those beady eyes.

  Her body lay lifeless and cold. The crow decided to leave after, and go back to where it came from. No one would ever get to know who this girl was, or how she had gotten there. Not even the girl had gotten her answers.

   The only answers you and her will ever get is that she was in a white room and that there had been a crow at her side as it watched her die. The answers are as blank as the color white...

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