"who r u" | four.

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make kaminari break aizawa's picture frame

"hey kaminari!" you shouted as he came into the class room with his friends trailing behind him. you waved him over, "c'mere!"

he slid onto the top of your desk, almost falling in the process.

"what's good [y/n]? are you finally gonna take me up on that date?"

"haha, no!"

his face dropped. "ouch."

"sorry buddy, but i do have a game for you!"

"...a game you say?" his eyes twinkled mischievously, which made you start to doubt this plan.


"whats in it for me if i win." uh oh.

"um, i'll let you take me on a date!" you grinned, sneakily crossing your fingers.

"deal!" he said, quite loudly, causing you to quickly put your hand on his forearm.



"now, i'm going to stand in front of aizawa's desk, and we're gonna play catch! okay?"

"um, catch? why—"



you stood up and scrambled to stand in front of aizawa's desk; you only had a minute to do this.

and so you tossed him the ball, and he tossed it back, and so forth, untim you "accidentally" missed, watching as it hit aizawa's picture frame.

the class went silent as soon as the shatter was heard.

"oh my god!" iida exclaimed, a new pair of glasses on his face, "kaminari, you broke aizawa's picture frame!"

"wh-what?!" his face held a frantic look, "what do you mean i broke it?! [y/n] was the one who didn't catch the ball!!"

"i hurt my arm reaching for it," you pouted, which caused iida to come over to your side and start to baby you, no one noticing the small smirk on your face.

aizawa came into the classroom right on cue, and he sighed. "why is my picture broken?"

"mr.aizawa, kaminari and [y/n] were playing catch and she missed the ball. she hurt herself though, which i think may be more important. apologies, sir."

he walked over to her and examined her arm.

"hell if i'm supposed to know— i'm not a doctor. go see recovery girl. todoroki can take you."


"okay... and mr.aizawa, i'm so sorry about your picture frame!" you fake cried, "i know that mr.snuggles picture was in it.."

"it's okay [y/n], just go to recovery girl."


"how the hell does she get off so easy..." everyome thought at once, but you and todoroki were already out the door.

"as for you kaminari.."


☑️ make kaminari break aizawa's picture frame

☑️ steal bakugou's blazer
☑️ steal iida's glasses
☑️ make kaminari break aizawa's picture frame
🔲 make todoroki wear iida's glasses
🔲 make ochako punch all might
🔲 make midoriya wear aizawa's scarf
🔲 have a picnic by stealing from others lunches!


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