CHAPTER 20 No Chemo? Then What?

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"I have to find a way through this hell."


We left the care facility with a list of medication instructions and six sheets of packets with single serving pills. I had never seen pills laid out like that. But it made sense.

"Keep it simple stupid," as the saying went.

Most of the pills on the list I had never heard of and rightly so. We didn't keep aspirin in our medicine cabinet at home. Though the reality was we didn't have a medicine cabinet. If we did, it only consisted of nutritional supplements.

The medication instructions list had eleven different medications on it along with the dosage/frequency, and purpose/special instructions. It read as follows:

Lorzepam .50mg 2x a day anxiety

Colace 100mg once a day for constipation, hold for loose stools

Folic acid 1mg every day supplement

Heparin 5,000 units/mL 1mL injection to prevent DVT every 8 hours

Norco 5/325 2 tablet as needed every 4 hrs for severe pain

Megace 20mg 4x a day to stimulate appetite

Multivitamin 1 tab every day supplement

Polythylene glycol 17 gram powder do not use greater than 2wks for bowel prep

Potassium chloride 10mg 3 x a day for low potassium

Tylenol 650mg every 4 hours mild pain

Seroquel 12.5mg at bedtime may repeat 1x if patient remaining agitated

They gave her Lorzepam for the anxiety. She was taking Colace for constipation. There's a high probability some of the the very medications they decided to prescribe her were causing and/or impacting why she had constipation in the first place. The Seroquel is an antipsychotic medication, used to treat bipolar and schizophrenia. Mom was neither bipolar or schizophrenic. But since they gave it to her at bedtime, it goes to reason Western Medicine in all their glory was using it to relax her.

Why was she anxious?

Well, probably because she wanted to get the fuck out there. They were giving her medications to "balance" her moods/personality, and yet some of the medications they were giving her had side effects that the other medications supposedly resolved.

Problems with side effects?

Give her another pill.

More side effects?

Can't relax at bedtime?

There's a pill for that!

While we didn't know what we were going to about Mom's cancer, we did know we weren't going to be shoving a bunch of pills in her that we'd never heard of and didn't agree with. So we stopped giving her all their pills until we got her checked out by the Doc.

We weren't oblivious to her health issues. We weren't going to ignore them and wait for The Lord to save us. However, we also weren't going to pump her full of medications because a doctor told us to. If she was going to be on anything, nutritional supplement or pharmaceutical medication, then it had to pass the muscle test.

It meant it had to test positive/strong in helping support the healing of an issue Mom was dealing with. Otherwise, we were wasting our time and in some cases creating more harm than good. If we gave Mom anything that weakened her already weakened health, we might as well get out there and dig her grave ourselves.

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