Chapter 40

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Rayna's POV

The door to the room opened again. Alec came into view, holding a tray of food. He set it down on my lap. It looked like it had some sort of soup in a bowl.

"Eat this." He sat down in the chair that he had left in front of me the last time I had seen him. I raised my brow at him and looked down at the tray, then back at him.

"How?" Is all I said.

He rolled his eyes and lifted the spoon to my mouth. I pursed my lips together and lent my head back, away from the spoon. I didn't know what was in it.

"It's not poisoned."

"I'm still not eating it." I said. He moved the spoon closer to my face, making me repeat my previous actions. He smirked.

"You need your energy if you're going to survive me taking your powers." I gave him a disgusted look.

"That gives me more of a reason to not eat it!" I glared at him.

He chuckled to himself. "You seem to forget who you're talking to." He said, dropping the spoon back into the bowl. "I'm the one who is in control here." His expression turned cold. "And don't forget about your two precious packs." He spat, picking up the spoon again. "I suggest you eat before I complete my threat to you." He put the spoon back up to my lips and I hesitantly opened my mouth and accepted the food. I cringed at the taste of it. It tasted wierd. I couldn't figure out what it tasted like.

Alec smiled, happy that he was able to get his way. Though it won't be happening for much longer. His chuckle made me groan in embarrassment.

"If you'd just untie me, I can feed myself." I glared at him as he laughed, his shoulders moving up and down.

"I'm actually quite enjoying this." He said. "I also wouldn't want you to trigger your abilities." I didn't even think of that. I honestly thought he had already taken them and was just messing with my head. He brought the spoon to my mouth again and ate was was on it, rolling my eyes in the process.

"I won't do anything." I tried to sound as convincing as possible. "Just let me eat by myself." He just shook his head and laughed once again.

"I'm not stupid." He said. "You'd try something every chance you get." He wasn't wrong. Though I wasn't so motivated to. I'm pretty sure Orion's dead. I saw him bleeding out. He was bleeding out in my arms and no one was around to help. I don't even feel him anymore. All I felt was the dull ache in my chest.

I had to look down as tears slipped down my face, most likely mixing with the dirt that was most definitely all over my face. I hated being vulnerable. It gives Alec the ability mess with my mind.

"Aw." He cooed. "Why are you crying?" My insides were boiling with anger. I didn't say anything as I was sure that I would do something that would put the two packs in jeopardy.

My stomach churned as I got flashbacks. Hot bile rose to my throat and I was desperate to not let it out. Alec must've caught on because he quickly took the tray off of my lap and set it to the side. Grabbing a nearby trash can and positioning it under my face. I gagged before spilling all the contents of my stomach into the trash can.

I was surprised to say the least. He held my hair up as I emptied my stomach out. As I finished, I look up at him and he let go of my hair. He had a monotone expression on.

I lent back and cringed as I still tasted the grossness in my mouth. He got up without saying anything and left me alone with the gross taste in my mouth and a million and one questions.


Orion's POV

It's been over 18 hours and the sun was starting to set. I was getting more frustrated by the second. I tugged at my hair as I kept getting reports of no one finding anything. How could I have been so dumb as to let this happen?

Daren still hasn't been talking to me ever since the whole dungeon incident. I was all by myself. But I guess I deserved it.

Pack members from both Rayna's pack and my pack were searching everywhere. No one has been able to find any traces or leads of where she could have possibly gone.

By this point, the sun had almost set fully. Alright everyone, as much as I would like to keep searching, we won't be able to find anything in the darkness. I said through the link. We could possibly even miss important clues when we find them. Yes, I said when. I am so determined to find her. And I am not going to stop until I do.

Everyone started making their way to their designated homes, their heads bowed as they were not able to find what we were looking for. I too started walking back to the pack house, my head also bowed, mostly to hide the fact that tears were streaming down my face.


Rayna's POV

Alec came back some time later, holding a bottle that had some sort of blue liquid in it, along with a plastic cup. As he got closer, I realized that it was mouth wash. He pored some into the cup and brought it to my lips. I took some of the liquid in before swishing it around my mouth and spitting it out into the trash can that he brought to my face only seconds before.

I sighed in relief as the gross taste was replaced with a minty fresh one.

"Thanks." I mumbled.

"Yep." He popped the 'p'.

"Why are you all of a sudden helping me?" I spat out one of my questions.

"I'm not a monster." I looked up at him and gave him a look, raising my left eyebrow.

"You kind of are." I said and he shrugged.

"It's nothing person- actually, it is personal." He smirked. I just rolled my eyes.

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