2. Haunted

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London and Liz in the MM. Please don't forget to comment.


"I would like to do something new before today's session. Is that okay?"

Like we have a fucking choice. These daily sessions would soon be the anticipated death of. Patients like myself, suicidal, had to partake in daily therapeutic sessions to ease our minds. Just like in the typical cliche movies we were encouraged to talk about our problems amongst our peers. I never participated, there's no real point. We're all reciting the same sob story, we all feel the same pain, we're all the same. My story is no different from theirs and I also wished to not even speak on it.

"Everyone stand in small groups of three. Come on up, up, up!" Our cheeky instructor Mrs. Charleston instructed.

That woman confuses me to no end. I find it strange that she's always so damn cheery in this place. Every time I see her she has that same bright smile plastered on her face, it was impossible to remove and you could tell it wasn't faked nor forced. I envied her smile and I envied her happiness. All I wanted was to be is happy.

I sat alone as the class clustered themselves into trilogies. I refused to join into this waste of time because that's exactly what it is... A waste of precious time. Just lock us in a room and call it a day.

"Ms.Rae you don't seem to be moving."

"No shit." I bluntly stated.

"She's with us. She was waiting on us to come to her."

I looked up to see the twins making themselves over to Miss Daisy and I.

These girls just won't stop.

"Very well, carry on ladies."

Mrs. Charleston turned her attention back to me, that stupid smile still planted on her fair skin.

"Ms.Rae." She cheerfully stated before nodding and walking off to start begin whatever bullshit exercise she had planned.

"You have got to find your chill dude. You must want to stay in this shit hole." London stressed.

"I don't care."

"And that's your problem." Liz scoffed.

Why are they so concerned with me and what I do. They've never approached me before, why the fuck now. Who the fuck are they? I eyed the two suspicious twins as my arms folded and my eyebrow cocked out of displeasure.

"Why are you guys so interested in me and my personal being?"

Liz and London were about to respond until Mrs. Charleston's obnoxious voice ricocheted off of the walls.

"I want everyone in their groups to take each other's hands."

This bitch is crazy. Like holding hands will solve these people's mental issues. Fix it Jesus.

I put my finger to my temple as I shook my head. Like I said a waste of fucking time.

"Just do it." Liz hissed as she nudged my arm.

I sucked my teeth as I placed my hand in hers and placed my other hand in London's.

"Now I want every one to close their eyes and just breathe."

I side eyed London and Liz as they shut their eyes.

This shit is utterly ridiculous.

I felt both twins squeeze my hands as if they had read my thoughts. I winced a little in pain and looked at the two who both had their eyes closed.

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