Chapter 8- Sorry

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Uraraka's P.O.V

"Hey Deku", I said to him. I barely had his eyes opened, like he gotten into a fight with Bakugou again. I looked at his arms and noticed all the cuts and stitches. I gasped quietly. Todoroki put his head down. "..Why", Todoroki said quietly. "Who did this?..You or him?", Iida asked. Deku looked over a little bit, having no motivation what so ever. Todoroki sighed, not wanting to look at Deku. "...I-...I..D-Did", He said quietly. Iida and I looked at him shocked. 

After a few minutes of being in there, I noticed someone sitting on the chair across from the room sleeping. "All Might?", I asked. Todoroki and Iida both looked at him. "Hm..I forgot he ran in here", Iida said. Todoroki looked at Deku as he took a couple steps closer. "...Why did you do it..", He asked him calmly, not wanting to wake All Might up. Deku looked at him as he tried not to cry. "I wanted to...Show him..How m-much pain he...P-Put me through..", He said in a shaky voice. 'I get it now..All Bakugou ever did was bully him as a kid..', I thought. 

We stayed in there for another 30 minutes while we talked to him about his problems. "Why didn't you tell anyone in the first place?", Iida asked him. "Because..I never understood why he d-did all those..Things..". It looked like he was about to fall asleep. "Well..I'll leave you alone for now..But tomorrow, I want you to tell us all the problems that has been weighing you down", Todoroki said. Deku nodded slightly. "See you tomorrow, Deku", I said. He smiled a little bit as the three of us walked out.

--Time Skip to late at night--

After a while of visiting Deku at the hospital, I went back home and fell asleep. a few hours after that, I woke up to a small spider bite on my hand. "Ow..", I said quietly. I caught the spider in a cup and opened my window, letting it out. I then started to itch the palm of my hand. I looked at the bite mark to see how bad the bite mark was. "What the-", I said as I quickly as I covered my mouth. A soulmate mark was on my hand. I squealed into my pillow. I soon passed out because of how exciting the soulmate mark made me. 

It was currently 6:30 A.M when my alarm clock went off. "Ughh...", I groaned, not wanting to get up. I shut off the alarm clock and sat up from my bed. I got up and headed to the bathroom, only to find out it was being occupied. "Dang it..", I said quietly as I headed back to my room. I grabbed my uniform and got ready for the day.

I went to the bathroom to brush my teeth and washed my face. I quickly changed and headed out the door. As I was walking to school I felt my phone buzz. I checked it to see who was texting me. "Todoroki?", I asked myself. As I was about to text him back, I ran Into someone "Gah! I-I'm sorry I-", I said as I looked up only to see Iida standing in front of me. "Oh! Hey Uraraka", He said as he smiled a little bit. I smiled back. "Hey Iida", I said. 

I looked at the soulmate mark on my hand. 'Hmm..An exclamation mark..Whatever that means', I thought to myself. I noticed Iida look at my hand from the corner of my eye as I clenched my fist. "What was that about?", He asked. I looked at him and blushed slightly. "N-Nothing", I said. He looked at me suspicious. I can tell he didn't get a very good look at it. "Ugh, fine. Last night I got my soulmate mark", I said. He looked at me surprised, then smiled a little bit. "You're not the only one", He said. I looked at him confused. "What do you mean?", I asked. He showed me his hand. 'Now way!'

Bakugou's P.O.V

"Nhh..", I groaned as I opened my eyes. I looked around for a little bit and realized that I was in the hospital. "Ugh..Dammit", I said. I tried to move my arms but when I did, I felt a sharp pain. I looked at them for a little bit, only remembering a little bit about last night. "..If only I wasn't so twisted..", I said quietly. I heard a knock on my door as it opened up slowly. "Oh Katsuki..", I heard my mom say. She looked at me so worried. "How are you feelings?", She asked me. I waited there for a little bit. "...I'm fine", I said.

I realized that Deku was in the same condition as I was in as I started to worry a little bit. "Where's Deku", I asked my mom. "I think he's in the room across from you", She said. "I hear Inko crying her eyes out, like usual", She said. I looked at the door hesitantly. "Don't even think about going out there", She said to me. I groaned a little bit. "I think i'm good enough to walk around you hag", I said to her. She looked at me with anger. "Goddammit Katsuki".

I groaned and pinched the bridge of my nose. "I'll check back on you later Katsuki with your dad", She said and walked out. I can tell I pissed her off a little bit as I chuckled quietly. "She can't tell me what to do", I said as I got up.

I felt a little bit dizzy as I walked to the door across from me, peaking through the window. Sure enough, it was Deku. "Deku..", I quietly said to myself. I knocked on the door lightly and opened the door a little bit, peaking in. He looked over at me. "Hey..D-Deku". Did I just stutter?

"O-Oh..Hey Kacchan..", He said as he continued to do what he was doing. I walked in and closed the door behind me. "Look, Deku..Uhh..I don't know how to put it in words...", I said nervously. He looked at me as he itched his bandages. I felt the stinging from the cuts and wounds. "Ow, stop", I said. "Sorry..", He said quietly. I sighed.

"I'm sorry for all of the pain I put you through all those years..I'm guessing the cutting isn't as bad as the pain you felt when I bullied you". He nodded. "I thought so...I'm actually surprised you aren't mad at me", I said as I rubbed the back of my neck.

"Why would I even be mad at you? This was my fault after all", He said. I looked at him dead in the eyes for a few seconds, then looked away. "Well, you're not wrong..", I said. I looked from the corner of my eye. I seen him smile for a split second. "Heh..I saw that", I said as I smirked. Deku blushed a little bit. "Pretend you didn't", He said.

We talked for a while, wondering why I didn't do this sooner. "Y'know..I don't really believe you when you say sorry..", He said. Deku looked down. I looked at him, slightly worried about what's going to happen next. "Why not?", I asked. He sighed. "Because I'm so use to you being mean to me. It's kinda weird for you to be as soft as you are now", He said. I felt my face heat up. I looked at his eyes and noticed that they were dull.

"Well Deku..It was nice talking to you, for once", I said as I got up. He smiled slightly. "Same goes for you..", Deku added. Before I turned around, he grabbed my hand. "What're you doing..?", I asked. "..I..I love you..", He said quietly. I smirked. "What was that? Speak up", I said. He blushed a little bit. "I said I love you...", He said a little bit louder. I chuckled. "Love you too, Deku". I walked out and went back into my own room.


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