Chapter. 10

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[[ Colby's POV ]]

The blaring sounds of sirens and ambulances blared through the air as the murmuring of students and screeching of police-car tires sounded right over the deafening sound of it all. The halls were filled with underage students and the school parking lot was crowded with cars.

It was all heartbreaking and shocking.. "Sir, sir. Can you explain what had happened? You were the only victim in action. Sir we need you to.." Officers' voices trailed off as my body was limply lifted up and taken away.

"W-What happened..?"

One punch. Two punches. Three. Brennen's clenched fist collided with Sam's jaw, causing intended damage to the boy underneath him. "This is for you to learn!" Brennen's voice echoed through the restroom, throwing another hit to Sam's bruised draw.

"And you.." Brennen laughed, standing up and approaching me threateningly. With every step he took closer, I took the same steps back. "B-Bren, p-please, s-stop this." I shook my head with the tears that had already escaped me.

"You useless shit." A pained scream escaped my lips once Brennen grabbed onto my wrist, yanking me closer and wrapping his other hand around my throat, applying pressure to clog my tightened air ways. My gasp was cut short as he lifted me off the ground, my nails digging into his hands as I try to pry them off my neck.

"B-Bren.. I c-can't-" I rasped out as my eyes began to blur until I was suddenly dropped to the cold-tilled ground, coughing out for lost air. In the mean time though, Sam had lunged forward after recovering, and tackled Brennen to the ground with great muscle that managed to pin him down.

Punch after punch was thrown and only bruising more skin on the both of them. "I always get what I want!" Brennen screamed, plunging his crouched legs forward and sending Sam's body back into the firm wall, head slamming against the tile and falling with an agonizing groan. "B-Brennen!" I screamed, running forward and grabbing the arm that now held the metal weapon tightly.

"Stop! Y-You're a monster! Get away from him!" I was sobbing, helplessly trying to pull him away from Sam who had struggled to stand up. Sam caught the weapon with his eyes and ducked once Brennen took the first swing, dropping me backwards with no care.

"Don't you fucking touch what's mine! He's mine!" Brennen roared, striking the knife at Sam's head that dodged in a matter of seconds. "He's mine!" His words scared me more than I could ever imagine. Finally finding a grip on the blond boy, Brennen raised his arm with a psychotic grin, eyes aiming at Sam's heart.

"NO!" The words left my lips in a screeching manner, my legs landing at the back of Brennen's knees and sending him backwards before he could find success. But what happened after had me in terror. In utter terror. The knife had been successfully stabbed. Where?

In Brennen's heart.

"Sir, sir I need you to stay with me. Everything will be alright, just stay calm." The faint sounds of the paramedics rolled out as they pressed a breathing mask over my mouth and nose, my lungs automatically sucking in oxygen as I panicked and hyperventilated to no extent.

The thought scared me. I had killed some one. I had just killed a human being, I'm a murderer. I-I'm a murder. "Hey! Get him off of there!" A familiar voice soon filled my ears along with yelling of retorts. With a little more yelling and demanding, I felt the straps along my body loosening and the breathing mask being removed off my face.

A strong pair of arms grabbed onto me and cradled me with nothing but soft whispers and a comforting kiss to the forehead. My fingers had curled into the person's shirt and my tears had been finally let loose as I be comforted.

He's finally gone. But I never expected it to be this way.

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