intro: vibing on something devastatingly portentous

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Don't look back. Your not going that way.

 Your not going that way

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RIGHT? THE TRUTH. We are future-facing bitches!!! Listen:

Everything is going to be different this season. All the negativity? No. That's in the past. All the regret? Last season hunny. Whatever mistakes we made, placing trust in anyone other than ourselves? Over, and over it. All the DRAMA? Well, drama's just a thing that exists, like weather and fashion, hard to put that in the past. But still.

QxeenSky storms towards Eternal High in their _mudforce_ boots with 3 inch heels, totally freaking prepared to dominate. Vocals? Yes. Dancing? Yes. Acting? Combat scenes? Yes. Makeup? Bitch please. Everything is coming together in this, their 6th and final year at school. Their needs come first, their vision comes first. If you treat every day as a test then you have spent your life studying. They are ready. These other bitches? Looking wild unfocused.

They stalk through the tunnel that leads directly from the Kulture District to the Eternal High walkway. It's quicker to take the surface street directly from their apartment but the weather is at like 95%. The wind blowing so hard a Modosendo flipped. The rain actually going sideways, which is like, not a thing QxeenSky is going to allow their outfit to experience.

Channel all your energy on what your becoming.

They sweep into Eternal High and everyone knows it

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They sweep into Eternal High and everyone knows it. 2konica and iheartjanai are standing at their lockers and immediately pause their conversation to watch QxeenSky walk past. They're eyeing the hair -luxurious-, the beard -magical-, the Xen0_blame crop-top which shows off the amazingly soft stomach, the leggings that perfectly match the pattern on the boots? Yes, to all that. They feel the intensity of QxeenSky's vibe and frankly can't handle it. 2konica had gotten good (not lead) roles in the production of So Much? Is Happening? last season and everyone was saying maybe she and QxeenSky should be an item this season, now that they're both 6th years, both just on an incredible trajectory. 2konica and QxeenSky had frankly barely ever spoken outside of their scenes but apparently fans were already debating ship names although who keeps track of such things. Qxeensky had considered it but they definitely were not trying to tie themselves down, or really define their value proposition in relation to someone else's value proposition, at this current time. Again, this was their year and they needed to focus on themselves first and foremost, and their brand secondly, and thirdly their career and fourthly those choices that led up into those previous things. Because if you thought about it there was literally nothing standing in their way this year except themself. Especially now that the horrifyingly unspeakable awful and tragic TinyDevoted.jpg (BITCH DEMON FROM HELL) was out of the way, gone and graduated, byeeeeee, never again to use her awfulness to prevent QxeenSky from shining and ascending and getting the roles they deserve, and really probably never to be heard from again! Pathetic! Like she was admittedly semi talented but such a bitch about it. Like graceless, honestly. And so tiny. Like ugh, we get it. Just the worst.

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