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Chapter 1

"If I get to hear about any other prank this year, you'll be grounded for a month, " Mrs. Baker warned her daughter, Hannah, who rolled her eyes as she hung her backpack.

"You won't Mom." She mischievously looked at her, then looked down as if she was checking her shoes before her mother could figure out the white lie she just spoke. "Ronnie, you coming. I'm getting late!"

"Almost there!" Very soon, Ron, Hannah's eleven years old brother sprinted down the stairs, carrying his school bag and keys to Hannah's bike. She jingled it even though it didn't have a pretty keyring. In fact, she had attached a small nail cutter made of metal. With that, it had mini filer and a pointed knife to pull out dirt off nails.

"Got your everything sweetie?" Mrs. Baker asked her little son as she wiped her wet hands with a towel. She then approached him carrying his water bottle.

"Yes, mom!" He assured her and she hung the water bottle around his neck. "Where's granny?"

"Your dad took her out to get her fresh air. It has been a while since she has gone out."

"Well, considering the fact her previous wheelchair broke down and it took us weeks to get her a new one, she deserves this time. " Hannah spoke while looking at herself in the mirror. She quickly turned on her heels and walked to the door. "Come on, Champ! We barely have time left. Besides dad's second hand purchased motorbike is getting worse. And so do my laptop." Hannah complained.

"You're not getting any of them either." Mrs. Baker told her. "Stop bringing these things up. I've had enough of your mutterings and butterings."

"I know!" Disappointed, Hannah whispered and went out. She took out her motorbike from the small driveway her father built a few years back. Ron climbed behind her and as they wore their helmets, she took off.

Hannah Baker, a mediocre girl with average marks and life. Her day starts with five alarms, then schools, then the two-hour job at The coffeehouse and ends without any much progress on studies.

Her family didn't want her to work in the cafe but she was reluctant at her decision. His father was a mechanic and her mother babysits at neighbors. Their family was stable, financially but after a deadly road accident that nearly killed her grandmother left her on wheelchairs. Since then, Hannah started a job to meet her own expenses.

After she dropped her brother to his school which was five blocks away from her home, she sped up.

But when her high school was a few meters away, her motorbike gave a loud growl and stopped abruptly.

"I swear to God that one day I'm gonna dump you into a lake. You just ruin my day. I really don't want that for the whole year." She grumbled as she comes off the bike and began dragging it. "It's the first day of junior year so Come on!!"

In a few minutes, she reached the school and parked her bike in her usual place. Then quickly she noticed quite a new vehicles there. One of them stood right next to her. A black shiny Ducati.

Withdrawing her eyes from it, she eyed hers and became angry. Her father bought it from one of his customers at a very price. At first, it worked fine but soon it started showing off its real color. Her father repairs it every month.

She pulled her keys from the ignition and began to go away but since she was frustrated, she turned back and kicked hard on her bike. Instantly she regretted it as she hurt herself badly.

"Fuck my life!" She gasped as she limped at the spot.

"Hannah what did you do?" She heard Monty, one of her best friendsaskedg her. He must have come when she was letting her anger out on her motorbike only to be foolishly hurt herself.

"I thought hitting it would make me feel better. Like they did in movies." She replied, controlling her pain and waiting for it to pass.

"Not that." He said making her confused. "Your hand. Your left hand." He indicated and she looked leftwards to see that her keychain which she was holding in her left hand had dug deep into the bike seat. The pointed small knife had gone completely inside it.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck!!" Shocked, she gasped again and pulled back her key. "Looks like an expensive bike."

"Looks like not, it is actually new," Monty told her and Hannah pulls back the chain and stuff it into her pocket.
"Let's go before anyone sees this because I don't think either of us can pay the damage that had been done."

Hannah nodded and both of them walked toward the building one to get their schedule. The whole time, Hannah turned her head to see if anyone had spotted the patch on the bike and she was really curious to know who's bike it was.

"My lunch's in the fifth period. Each day. When's yours?" Monty informed her

Hannah took a quick glimpse of it before eyeing back at the parking lot. "Same except for Fridays. I have theaters so lunch is either second or 7th. It depends on me when I want to eat"

At that certain moment, she saw a guy approaching the bikes she just tampered unintentionally. Her heart pounded as if the guy would immediately come to know that it was her. But what happened was the guy just took a photo of the bike, laughed and blended among students.

She sighed, thinking over and over again who's bike it could be as the guy seemed clearly rich and Hannah doesn't have much if he asked for payment.

They entered the main building, went to their respected lockers and after stuffing half of her books in it they met the rest of their squad.

Jessica, Justin, and Alex were standing by Jessica's locker. It was their usual habit. Every morning, all of them gathered near her locker and they talk about random stuff till the class bell. So following their routine, they were waiting for Hannah and Monty to arrive with their schedule. They first discuss their subjects and classes and almost each one of them had the same except for a few. They started by discussing the major details of how their summer went which were almost boring until Justin brought up about his cousins.

"You're a fool." Chuckled Alex. "I mean who tell these kinds of secrets to their mean cousin."

"I didn't know that even beers can make me drunk and the landlady's daughter appeared out of the blue. I winked at her and it was enough for both of them to put it together." Justin explained. He had few good times with the landlady's daughter but since her mother didn't like him they kept it a secret from everyone until the girl moved to another city.

"That's why we call you dumb." Jessica laughed and snap shut her locker.

"Don't forget that I scored the second-highest marks among the five of us. So I'm not dumb."

"You still are. I'm glad Monty managed to score among the top 20 otherwise his dad would have strangled his neck." Said Alex.

"Right," Jessica agreed as a proud smile appeared on Monty's face. Suddenly, a trail of students came in with loud whispering that drew the attention of almost everyone. They all were baffled and curious at the same time.

Finally, among the crowd, they spotted Zach, the quarterback in his football team.

"Hey, dude, what's happening?" Justin stopped him.

"You don't know. Clay Jenson is back and someone busted his bike."


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