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"That's your song?!"

The yellow haired male blushed, his face hiding in his book as his burgundy haired companion complimented his voice. Unlike inosuke whom was too busy stuffing his face with food to reply.

"It's amazing!"
Tanjiro gushed, reading the neatly written lyrics.

"It's not really that good..."
Zenitsu murmured, trying to calm his furious blush.

The shy male scratched his neck, not being used to sharing his personal stuff with anyone other than his grandad or brother. And even then, the two would tease him.

"It is good!"
Tanjiro defended, slapping inosuke's arm who glared at the contact.
"Tell him inosuke!"

The male huffed, rice crumbs around his mouth before swallowing the food he had been chewing.

"Stop crying."
He muttered as Zenitsu deadpanned.

"How was that supposed to help...?"

"Ignore him."
Tanjiro waved, a soft smile on his lips.
"Your song is amazing. Embrace it."

The male smiled, eating the last bits of his food before the third period bell rang out.

"Thanks. Now, lets go class."

Zenitsu rested his head on the palm of his hand, his eyes trailing around the classroom in a bored manner. After finishing his work, he had been given a free period. Yet, he hadn't found anything to do yet.

"Still bored?"
Tanjiro chuckled from besides him as the male replied with a groan.
"Why don't you work on your song?"

His eyes widened in realisation, his lips curving up in a smile as he nodded his head. Soon reaching over to bring out the book from his bag.


It wasn't there.

The male called out worriedly as his burgundy haired boy instantly looked up with a hum.
"Did you give me my book back at lunch?"

Crimson eyes widened, realisation kicking in as he covered his mouth.

"Oh my god I think I forgot it at the bench."
He gasped, Zenitsus eyes instantly widening.

Inosuke laughed.
"You lost your stupid book?!"


"It's fine Tanjiro."
The male sighed, a small smile on his lips.
"We can look for it after class."

Tanjiro smiled reassuringly, giving a determined nod.
"We'll find it! Don't worry."

"We still haven't found it?!"
Zenitsu cried out.

His two friends searched all around the bench and area around it while his two other friends, Kanao and Aoi, looked around the courtyard. Both girls soon coming back with frowns.

"Maybe someone took it to lost and found?"
Aoi suggested, kanao silently nodding in agreement as the yellow haired male shook his head.

"Who would take a book to lost and found?"

The group and burgundy haired male replied.

A sigh escaped his lips, running a hand through his oddly coloured hair.

"I'm sorry."
Tanjiro frowned, Zenitsu soon smiling reassuringly.

"It's fine. I should've been more careful with my stuff."

Walking away from the area, the group tried to reassure the male. Well, all except inosuke.

"You could be a little nicer, you know?!"
Aoi scolded the male.

"He lost a stupid book! It's not the end of the world!"

The group laughed at the two, even Zenitsu finding humour in their ways as they walked off to their last class.

That is until a voice caught his ears.

"Country road,
Take me home,
To the place
...I belong?"

His eyes instantly widened, his head snapping up to the voice where you stood. A smug look on your face as you held up the book.

"Looking for this?"
You laughed as he gasped.

"My book! You stole my book!"
He pointed accusingly as you scoffed, walking towards him to hand his stupid book back.

"Correction! I found your stupid book! I've been looking for you all day to give it back!"
You sneered, slapping the book in his hands before walking away. His surprised eyes still stuck on your figure.

"Nice song by the way!"
You laughed as he gasped once more.


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