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Japan's sky lit up with the large comet that flew by. The rock lighting up the dark sky as your eyes watched the majestic event.

Somewhere else, in the city of Tokyo, Obanai ran to his rooftop. Recent news about the comet breaking apart and separating having peeked his interest, wanting to see this phenomenon with his own eyes.

What neither of you knew, was that at this moment, your destinies intertwined and danced to the point of tangling with one another.

Never to be parallel again.

The male opened his eyes with a groan. Throwing his arm over them to shield off the burning sun that reached into his room by the crack in his curtain that he had forgotten to close properly the night before.

His father groaned out. His voice muffled due to the closed door.
"Please, at least go to school today. I'll see you when I get home from work."
The middle aged man pleaded as he walked out of the small apartment, leaving the boy to ponder over his life as he stared at the roof.

Was it worth going to school today?

Well, what else would he do with his time.

Lifting the covers off his body, his once warm feet touched the cool floor. The sensation running a shiver through his spine.

This was gonna be a long morning.

The whistle of the teapot sounded out in the apartment, the young man sighing as he prepared himself a cup of tea.

The same boring routine. The same boring days.

Nothing new to do in the busy city.

He yearned for something exciting, something to take his mind off of the boredom he experienced. But this was the real world. He would only get so much adventure.

Chugging down the last bit of tea, he threw his bag over his shoulder, checking his watch only to roll his eyes.

Twenty minutes late. Ten minutes to get to school and five minutes to contemplate outside of the building whether his precious time was worth listening to some teacher go over the same stuff for six hours.


With an agitated sigh, he left the apartment. The cold spring day instantly nipping at his skin as he walked off towards his destination.

Expecting nothing less than a boring day.

The ring of your cellphone shook you awake, the loud repetitive tune blasting next to your ear as you rolled around in the futon.

Spring breeze blew your curtains, the sun lighting up your room and falling onto your, now awakening, eyes. The e/c shade being more than beautiful for anyone who took the time to look into them.

Your sister Yotsuha scolded, sliding open the door with an annoyed hand on her hip.
"Wake up or we're gonna be late!"

The door slammed back close, your body instantly shooting up as you stared wide eyed at your phone.

"I slept in!"

Your h/c hair whipped around your face as you tumbled out of your room, fixing your uniform while running over to get breakfast.

"Geez, you sure do like your sleep..."
Yotsuha grumbled, her annoyed look watching you stuff your face with rise.

"Ith wath only thith onthe!"
You defended, your mouth full of food as the girl cringed, soon turning back to finish her breakfast along with you.

Your grandmother watched you both happily, her time touched face still and unmoving before turning towards the TV where the news reporter explained the upcoming events.

"The comet will be coming soon."
She smiled, her voice croaky and low as you nodded.

"There will be a festival for it too. We'll definitely have to go!"
You smiled. Picking up your plates to place them in the sink before running off for your shoes.

"You mean you'll have to go. Stephanie already invited me to go with her!"
Yotsuha smugly replied as you flared at her.

"You need to come with us! You barely spend time with us anymore."

"As if you're one to talk! You're always hanging out with your friends. Like yesterday!"

"We were studying for the exams!"

Your grandmother chuckled at your actions, instantly causing you and the younger girl to stop your bickering.

"I am far too old to go to those events. Go with your friends, just come back at the end of the day."
She smiled, your eyes softening at her as you nodded.

"Whatever you say nana, but we need to get going now or we'll be late."

"Take care of yourselves."
She hummed as you both nodded your heads.

"You too nana!"

"I've got soccer club after school today so I'll see you at home."
Yotsuha grinned as you nodded your head.

"Tell your coach to call me if anything happens."

Ruffling her hair, you smiled before walking off, waving at her when hearing her bid her goodbyes.

A voice instantly called out, almost as if waiting for you to be alone before approaching you.

Turning your head, you chuckled at the sight of your two best friends riding down towards you on a bike. Both bickering like crazy.

"Slow down, we'll crash!"
Sayaka, a cute girl with two brown braids, cried as she held onto the boy for dear life.

"Oh stop crying! We'll be fine!"
Your madman of a friend katsuhiko, a guy with a shaved head, smirked. Both riding down to you at a fast speed.

"Hey guys..."
You muttered, not even having to watch as they panicked the moment they sped past you, no longer being able to control the bike as the tumbled into a pile of bushes.

Your laughter rang out loudly as you clutched your stomach, the surprised faces of your friends in the bushes making a tear escape your eye.

"Oh my god!"
You cried out between laughs, approaching them as they stood up.
"Are you two okay?"

The two looked at eachother before bursting out in laughter with you, a sign that showed that they were in perfectly good health.



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