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The cool air nipped at your skin as you tied up the flags to the pole. The ocean breeze making you shiver as you brought them up to wave in the air proudly.

You hoped they would bring him home. Though your family had received the news of your fathers death long ago, you still believed in miracles. So every morning, without fail, youd raise his flags to wave at the world.

And off you went to prepare for school.

"Bell! Come on we'll be late for school!"

Your sister rushed down the stairs, almost tripping down as she slid on her shoes.

"Let's go!"
She happily cheered, grabbing your arm to drag you out as you both began your run.

"You really need to learn to manage your time!"
You called out from besides her, digging into your bag to bring out a piece of fruit, knowing far too well that the unorganised girl hadn't gotten breakfast.

"Maybe, but it's fun to run! Don't you think?"
She grinned, sticking the apple into her mouth.

You rolled your eyes, closing your bag as you continued to run. Waving at your peers who rode past you on their bikes.

"Morning y/n!"
Thomas, a close friend of yours grinned. Slowing down his speed to ride next to you.

"Morning Thomas."
You panted.

The male grinned, shuffling a bit forwards in his bike before stopping.

"Hop on. I'll ride us to school."
He smiled.

You panted for a second before looking at bell who waved you off, running faster now that she didn't have to worry about keeping close to you.

"Thanks Thomas."
You nodded, hopping on behind him as he began to pedal again.

The breeze played with your hair. A nice change to the sweat that rolled down your forehead due to the running.

"Did you hear about the boys club house?"
Thomas asked, keeping his eyes on the road but tilting his head as you raised a brow.

"That old house we have in the courtyard?"


The boys clubhouse. An old house that was once used as a storage for the school but had now been opted to use for clubs that the boys held. Science, literature, drama, all you could think of was there. Of course girls were allowed to join but none of you really preferred to be cooped up in a stinky building with a bunch of boys.

"Yeah? What about it?"

"Heard the school was planning on closing it up."
He replied, your eyes widening at the news.

"Really? Then what are you guys gonna do?"

"We're gonna protest of course!"
He cheered, slowing down the bike as the school came into sight.
"You should come watch!"

You narrowed your eyes for a second as he laughed.

"Today at lunch, Sabito is gonna start the first protest. Said he's gonna do something awesome that's gonna shake up the school."
The male laughed.

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