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The rice fields passed by your eyes in a flash, the wilderness of your new hometown.

"What a pretty town!"
Your sister Emily happily cheered from besides you. Both of your heads peeking out of the hole in the truck to get a look at the scenery.

"Welcome to our new home girls!"
Your father happily laughed out from the drivers seat. A wide smile on his face as he fixed the glasses that rested on his nose.

Having to move cities was not a pleasant experience. But with your mother having to move hospitals to the one here was an exception. Wanting to be closer to her, your father agreed to move to a house at the countryside. Just a bike ride away from her hospital.

"I'm gonna need to ask for directions."
You heard your dad mutter, the car soon stopping in front of an old lady working in the rice fields.
"Hello! May i ask for some directions?"

You smiled at the woman who happily explained where to go, your eyes trailing about only to land on a young man with a mohawk. His eyes widening when yours met his.

You cheered happily, waving your arm around as a blush took over his features.

Deciding to ignore you, he turned around. His back facing you as your eyes narrowed at him.

"What a rude boy..."
You muttered, soon turning around to smile at your sister who was curiously peeking at the male.

"Do you know him?"

You giggled softly before shaking your head, turning to look at your dad when feeling the car start up again.

"Alright, thank you very much!"
He grinned, the old lady smiling happily before waving him off.

The car roared through the fields, you and your sister now drawing.

"We'll be there soon, girls!"
Your dad announced, earning excited cheers from you two.

"I cant wait to see our new house!"
You happily cried, your sister nodding along with you.
"I want to explore!"

"And explore you will! I heard that our house is surrounded by a forest."
The man grinned, his eyes squinting behind his glasses.

"A forest?!"
Emily exclaimed, her hands on her cheeks in a surprised manner as you ruffled her hair.

"We'll go explore it as soon as we arrive!"

"Just don't stray away from the house too far!"
Your father smiled as you nodded your head happily.


You ran around the house as fast as your legs could carry you. Emily following close behind you.

"Hurry up Emily!"
You cheered, slamming one door open after the other. The darkness of each room scurrying away as the bright sun entered the old house.

"Wait for me!"
The younger girl cried, running into the house as you began opening the doors and windows inside.

You both happily laughed. Running around the rooms before tumbling to the floor.

"You girls seem to enjoy the house."
Your father laughed, placing a box down at the entrance as he watched you both enjoy the new territory.

You hummed, a wide smile on your face.

"We're going to go check out the forest later!"
Emily grinned, the man laughing at her excitement.

"My little adventurers! Just stay safe."

"We will!"

Opening the last door to the house, your eyes were met with darkness. Emily shivering from behind you as you stared at the ladders that lead to what you believed to be the attic.

You called out, keeping your eyes locked on the darkness. Afraid that if you looked away something would appear.
"I think this house is haunted!"

A second passed before the man replied happily.
"I've always wanted to live in a haunted house!"

You and Emily sweat dropped at the reply, though your deflated moment didn't last long as your eyes caught sight of a small acorn falling down the steps.

With wide eyes, you reached out for it. Grabbing it and inspecting it with Emily.

"It's an acorn."
She muttered, her curiosity getting the better of her as she stepped closer to the stairs.

"Let's go up."
You smiled.
"If there was truely something that wanted to hurt us then it would have done it already."

The small girl gave a determined nod, waiting for you to begin climbing before following suit.

The attic was dark, dusty and moist. Your face peeking up the stairs cautiously as you looked around.

Taking in a deep breath, you ran towards the window. Throwing it open with all your force as you quickly turned back around.

And what caught your eyes was nothing less of terrifying.

Thousands of little, dark balls flew around, seeping into the cracks within the wood as the sun light rays touched the room.

Emily stared at you in shock and slight fear. A shiver running through her body.

And in an instant, you were both sent running down the stairs. Shrieking for your lives as your father raised a questioning brow at your ways.

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