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Warm breeze ran through his long hair as he stared at the house in front of him.

"Did we have to move here?"
A female cried from behind him.

"Stop whining makomo, you'll like it here."
A middle aged man laughed, a large box in his hands as he walked towards the front door.
"Now help your brothers in bringing in the other boxes."

Sabito smiled, his pink hair tied into a pony tail as he walked towards his dark haired brother. Box in hand.

"Don't think you're getting out of helping Giyu, carry this one."
The male laughed, handing over the surprisingly heavy box to the male.

His blue eyes rolled in a playful manner as he walked into the house, his eyes scanning the old wooden house. The windows were dirtied with dust that had been accumulated over the years of the house's abandonment. The time that this house had waited for a new owner definitely being obvious as the lighting instantly brightened as soon as the four stepped into the cosy area.

"This is actually kind of cute..."
makomo muttered, her blue eyes studying the subtle home as sabito happily threw an arm over her shoulders.

"I told you you'd like it."
He grinned.

"What about you giyu?"
Their father, urokodaki, smiled. His face that over the years had grown wrinkly, showing a sense of peace at the new change of scenery.

Giyu knew both him and sabito would enjoy the peaceful setting the most. Compared to himself and makomo, they didn't like the busy lifestyle of Tokyo. But they could get used to this.

"It's nice."
He replied simply, though the smile that creeped onto his lips said more than any thousands of words as the three grinned at their reply.

The three happily walked through the small town that they would soon call home. The towns people happily waving and some even introducing themselves as they walked along.

"Seems like everyone here knows eachother."
Sabito smiled, waving at the store owner of the bakery they walked past who happily greeted them.

"It's cute."
Makomo sighed, her face peaceful as she stared at the flowers of a flower shop.

"Do you want one?"
The cashier chuckled, a man that looked around his twenties.

Makomo slightly blushed, not really liking getting called out for staring at something as the man picked out a flower from one of the vases.

"Here. As a welcome gift."
He smiled, placing the daisy in her hair as she bowed slightly. Sabito smiling at the male.

"They're really nice."

Giyu sighed, the fresh air running through his body in comparison to the filthy stench of the popular and polluted city.

"We'll definitely like it here."
He sighed.

Continuing their walk, they stumbled upon a small bay. The light waves crashing onto the sand as Sabito and makomo beamed, Giyu's eyes widening before smiling brightly along with them.

"Let's go!"
Sabito cheered, kicking off his shoes before peeling off his socks. The two soon following after as he rolled up his jeans.

Makomo smiled, her feet touching the cool water as she lifted up her skirt a little, the clear water cooling her off as the two boys joined by her side.

The three laughed as they skipped rocks on the calm water, teasing makomo for not being able to get it at first but soon catching up to the boys. They splashed around in the water, forgetting about their soaked clothes as they had a full on water war. Sabito and giyu soon finding themselves wrestling in the water as makomo clutched her stomach in laughter.

The summer sun began setting soon enough, the three opting to sit on the warm sand while they dry off as they watch the sky turn to beautiful shades of oranges and pinks.

"I'm glad we moved here."
Sabito sighed, his eyes trailing to makomo who nodded in reply. Both turning to look at giyu who, to their surprise, was looking off to the other side of the small bay.

"What's wrong giyu?"
Makomo asked, her gaze following his own as it landed on a house a little ways away.

The building was almost like a mansion, the forest surrounding it long overgrown as nature took over the territory.

"Do you think it's abandoned?"
Sabito asked, squinting his eyes to try and get a better look at the residence.

Giyu shrugged his shoulders, soon turning back to his two sibling.

"Should we get going? It's going to be dinner time soon and I'm getting cold."

Sabito smiled, nodding before standing up to help makomo to her feet. Giyu dusting off the sand on his shorts as they walked off, shoes in hands and peace in themselves.

All three missing the sight of warm lights being turned on in the house just across the water.

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