🧡 x fem reader (intro)

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"Good morning, Y/N!"
I hear Ren's hyper voice interrupt my sleep. I open my eyes and see him at the doorway, smiling sweetly with his tail swishing behind him.
Ren walked out and I sat up and rubbed my eyes. My neck was a bit stiff because this shock collar isn't comfortable sleeping in. But I really have no choice. I move my feet to the floor and walk into the kitchen.
When I go up to the table, a plate was sitting on a table on its own with...
Is this the only thing that Ren can make? I shake it off and sit down on the chair.
"I know you've had this a lot." Ren muttered.
"Thank you." I said. I wanted to let Ren know that I was grateful. I didn't wanna be an ass about it.
I grab the fork and knife and dig in to the steak. It tasted like any other steak, nothing different. Ren watched me eat it with a memorized look on his face.
"Do you like it?" Ren says.
"Yes, thank you.".
I take my last bite and bring the dirty plate to the sink. I walk away and go into the bathroom to freshen up. I did just wake up after all.
I finish my morning routine and go into the living room.
As I walk in I see Ren sitting on the couch watching something on TV. I walk up to the couch and sit next to.
I melt into his touch and I can feel his tail wrap around me.
I look up at him and he looks at me with a smile.
"Thank you Y/N for.. staying with me"
I nod and smile at him. He is so generous to me.
Ren grabs my face roughly and looks at me in the eyes and he lets go of my face.
He brings his face closer to mine and kisses me softly.
I kiss back and he lets his lips leave mine.
I'm a blushing mess and he smiles at me.
"I love you Y/N."
"I love you too Ren."

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