Chapter 6- Blurred Confession

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Midoriya's POV

"It never concerned you then, why should it concern you now? All you ever did was say mean things to intimidate me. Now you got your way so stay out of mine", I said as I walked away. He put a hand on my shoulder. I turned around and looked at him. "What's your problem?!", I said to him. He looked at me dead in the eyes. I can tell what he was thinking. He had a small hint of lust in his eyes. "No, get away from me", I said. I got his hand off my shoulder and walked away.

I started to run back to my moms apartment, hoping that he wasn't following me. I grabbed my keys and unlocked the door. "Hey mom! I'm back", I said. I seen her peak around the corner as I shut the door. She walked up to my and hugged me. "Glad you made it back safe", She said. "Are you hungry? I made breakfast", She said. "Yeah", I said.

After I got done eating, I washed off my plate and left it in the sink. "Hey mom..I have to talk to you about something", I said. She walked in with a load of laundry, setting it down as we both sat at the table.

"Well..You know how I got my soulmate mark right?", I asked. She nodded in response. "A-And...You don't always get what you want..Well..Would you be ok with me..Being..Gay", I said. I tried so hard not to cry. She looked at me with surprise. "Oh Izuku. I don't care what gender you ended up with or even what your sexuality is. I'm still going to love you. You're my baby", She said. I started to cry silently as she hugged me. "It's ok Izuku, I'll support you", She said.

"So, who's your soulmate?", She asked me. I looked at her. "M-My soulmate?", I asked. She nodded. I looked at the floor. "K..Kacchan", I said. She gasped a little bit. "Katsuki?", She said. I nodded in response. "I knew it", She said with a smirk on her face. I looked at her confused. "Wait wha?", I said confused.

"Yeah. Ever since you guys were kids, I knew it was going to be him. I mean I didn't think you guys were going to be together..But I kinda did. You see what I mean?", She explained. I nodded. "We're not together", I said. "Really??? Then how did you know he was your soulmate?", She asked me. "I just knew..", I said. I grabbed the pile of clothes she set out for me and walked into my room to put them away.

3rd Person POV

It was currently 8:00 PM. Midoriya walked over to the beach to meet up with All Might. "Hey kid. Glad you could make it", He said. "Yeah, I guess so", Midoriya said with a sigh at the end. "You ok kid? Something bothering you?", He asked Midoriya. "Y-Yeah. I just told my mom something I didn't think would go well", He said to him.

He looked at the water. "Tell me about it", He said. Midoriya looked at him. "It's about my soulmate", He said. The boy looked at the sand. "I told her it was..A boy", The boy said quietly. All Might spit blood out of no where. "Gahh!!", Midoriya yelled. "Really?!", He asked me. Midoriya looked at him nervously. "Y-Yeah". He wiped blood off him mouth. "Who is it?", He asked me. Midoriya waiting for a couple of seconds. "..Kacchan", He said. All Might looked at him shocked. "Young Bakugou?!", He said. Midoriya nodded.

"Ok! You get it now. I'm gay and my soulmate is the most aggressive boy at school", Midoriya said. All Might chuckled a little bit. "There's nothing wrong with that, Young Midoriya", He said. The green haired boy looked at him. "Y'know..My soulmate died a long time ago..But she was a supporter", He explained.

Midoriya looked out at the water. "I wish I could have met her", He said as he smiled. "You got a long road ahead of you. You've got dreams to follow upon. You shouldn't worry too much about your soulmate if he's following the same path as you", All Might said as he walked away. "Right", Midoriya said

—Two Hours later—

Midoriya walked into his room as he sat on his bed, checking on his phone. "Gh!-", He said as he covered his mouth. He had over 15 messages and 20 missed calls. "Who would wanna talk to me this late?", He asked himself. He checked his messages and calls. "Kacchan..?", He said. He looked at his messages.

 <=              Kacchan          Call?

Kacchan: Deku


Kacchan: I'm sorry

Kacchan: I really am!

Kacchan: I know you probably
                  won't forgive me, and
                  that's ok
Kacchan: But listen. I've tried to call
                  for the past 15 minutes.

Kacchan: I just wanna ask you

Me: What do you want?!

Kacchan: You! I want you!

Me: Don't you think it's
a little too late to
say sorry?

Kacchan: I know it's too late

Kacchan: But I didn't think
                  you would be
                  my soulmate

Me: Yeah!? What about it

Me: You think my feeling
for you are gonna change
because of some stupid
soulmate mark?!


"This is too much pressure", Midoriya said. He grabbed a razor from the bathroom, showing Bakugou that he didn't matter to him. "I'll show him..I'll show him how much pain he put on me all of those years of trying to be his friend", He said to himself. He started to cut his arms furiously, cutting over his scars

Bakugou's POV

"Dammit", I whispered to myself. I was about to fall asleep, when I felt razor cuts against my arms. "Nggh! Shit", I said. I ran into the bathroom as I turned on the light. Blood was trickling every where. I dialed Deku's phone number as I closed the bathroom door. "Ghh! C'mon..Pick up!", I yelled quietly.

After a few seconds of waiting, he finally picked up. "Deku. Fucking stop!", I said. He continued to cut himself. "Nggh! I-If you don't stop- Ghh- we're both gonna d-die!", I yelled at him. I heard a thud from the other line as my vision was getting blurry. "It wasn't me! It was..D..Deku", I yelled as I fell to the ground. My mom and dad rushed upstairs to see what was going on.

"Mitsuki! Call the ambulance!", I heard my dad yell faintly. I looked at him. "Son! W-What happened?! Speak to me", He said to me. I tried to speak but I was losing too much blood. "I..It was Deku..De...He did..T-This to me..", I tried to say, then I passed out from blood loss.
"We gotta hurry up! We're losing him!", I heard someone say. I tried to open up my eyes and look around, but it was just a blur. I looked at my arms then at the needle that was hooked up to me. I passed out again.
I woke up again, only to feel the pain in my arms and the dizziness in my head. "Go! Go! Go!", I heard one of the nurses say. I was currently being hauled into a hospital room. I tried to look around but all I seen was blurry lights and people. Then I passed out again.
'I'm sorry..Izuku'


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