Chapter 5- All Nighters

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Todoroki's POV

It was currently 1:30 AM, everyone still awake. I'm just surprised Uraraka and Tsu are still awake. I was playing around with Yayorozu's hair as we all visited with each other. "Dude...Imagine if quirks weren't a thing", Kaminari said. "That'd be weird. Everything would be normal and..Well boring", Jiro said. "Just imagine what people without quirks do", Kirishima said as everyone thought about it.

—One hour later—

"Ok wait", Jiro said as she kept herself from laughing. "Ok..Touch your toes". Kaminari bent down and touched his toes. "Now", Jiro wheezed quietly. "Sp-..Spell run", Jiro said. Mina started to laugh a little bit. "R-U-N", Kaminari said. Jiro and Kirishima wheezed as everyone else started laugh.

"I-...", Kaminari thought about it for a little bit. "Oh cmon that's pathetic!", Kaminari said as he got up, sitting back down beside Kirishima. That made everyone laugh even harder. "I'm sorry dude..But she got you good", Kirishima said while wheezing. I started to laugh a little bit. Jiro covered her face and Mina was rolling around on the ground. Uraraka and Tsu we're both holding their stomachs, trying to catch their breathe.

I can tell everyone was tired because of the way they were acting. Sometimes Jiro would laugh when someone said something to her. Same with Kirishima. It almost seemed like everyone was drunk off of energy. "Dude..Is ketchup like a tomato smoothie?", Kaminari asked. Kirishima looked at him, then he looked away as he started to think about it.

3rd Person POV

After a while of waiting, Midoriya woke up. "Deku", Uraraka said as her and Yayorozu got up and walked over there. "Hey Midoriya, How ya feeling?, Yayorozu asked quietly, not wanting to scare him. He looked around, then back at the two girls. "I'm fine..", He said to her as he sat up. "That's good", Uraraka said.

Midoriya looked over towards Bakugou, then he put his head down. "I didn't think he would react like that", He said as he took the ice pack off of his head, giving it to Yayorozu. "It was a surprise for a while", Uraraka said. "Everyone decided to pull and all nighter. Uraraka and Tsu wanted to stay up until you woke up", Yayorozu said. "Do you feel nauseous, does your head hurt or anything?", She asked him. "My head does hurt a little bit but I think I'll be fine", He said as he smiled.

After an hour passed, Uraraka and Tsu fell asleep in Yayorozu's room and everyone else stayed in the living room downstairs. Jiro, Kirishima, and Kaminari calmed down. Jiro put one of her ear phone jacks to Kaminari's phone, listening to what song he was listening to. "Hm..Not bad. You have good taste in music", Jiro said.

Kaminari blushed a little bit as he looked at her nervous. "You don't judge on people's music do you?", He asked nervously. Jiro nodded. "Not at all", She said to him. He smiled a little bit and continued to look around on his phone.

"Y'know..I wasn't always like the way I am now", Kirishima said. "Really?", Kaminari asked. Kirishima nodded. "I wanted to be heroic but I never was. I was quiet and I tried to stick up for others but no one really cared", He said. "And my hair..It's not naturally spiked nor red. I'm basically a catfish if you're wondering", He said as she rubbed the back of his neck.

"Hmm..I was wondering when you were gonna confess to them", Mina said with a smile. "Wait..How do you know?", Kaminari asked. Mina giggled a little bit. "We went to the same middle school", She said. Kaminari thought about what she said. He was thinking so hard, he burned out his circuit, making him look stupid. Jiro and Mina started laughing. Midoriya laughed a little bit as well.

"Well..I might as well go back to sleep", Midoriya said as we went over to the other couch. "Ok, g'night Midoriya", Kirishima said. Midoriya fell asleep quickly. "Your hair's soft..", Todoroki said to Yayorozu. She blushed a little bit. "Thanks..", She said.

——Time Skip——

Everyone was awake and ready to go. "Welp. See you guys at school on Monday", Yayorozu said. Everyone said their goodbyes and walked out the door. Todoroki and Yayorozu both gave each other a hug before he left. "You feeling ok Deku?", Uraraka asked her. Midoriya nodded. "Hopefully I won't have to explain anything to my mom", He said with a nervous smile.

"Come here in the morning to apologize. Every little lie gives me butterflies. Something in the way you're looking though my eyes. Dunno if I'm gonna make it out alive", Kaminari sang quietly. Jiro giggled a little bit. "Kaminari I didn't know you liked to sing", Midoriya said. "Ehh, I sing every once in a while but that's about it", Kaminari said as he continued to listen to music.

As everyone walked further away from Yayorozu's house, they started to split up. "See you guys at school", Mina said as she walked a different direction with Jiro. Kaminari and Kirishima both walked a different directions. Soon after that, Uraraka and Tsu walked away. Todoroki walked away not too long after they did.

After Midoriya realized it was just him and Bakugou left, he started running towards his house, not wanting to stop. "Deku wait!", Bakugou said as he started running towards him. Midoriya ignored him and continued to run away. Bakugou finally caught up to him and ran beside him. "Can you stop running", he asked Midoriya.

Midoriya stopped running and looked at him. "...What do you want from me?", He asked him. "Look..I know all the mean things I say to you aren't necessary, but...I didn't mean to react the way I did last night..I just..I was just wondering why you did what you did", He asked the boy. Midoriya stood there for a little bit. He looked at the ground.

"It never concerned you then, why should it concern you now? All you ever did was say mean things to intimidate me. Now you got your way so stay out of mine", He said as he walked away.

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