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{ Aqua POV }

Me: wake up hoe

Beyonce: bitch its Saturday swerve

Me: so get the fuck up

Beyonce: its 8am leave me alone

Me: okay I guess me Joey Branson and Kayla will go to the beyonce concert without you


Me: so

Beyonce: I'm awake so I guess we all gonna go to the beyonce concert as a family

Me: the concert is Monday

Beyonce: I know I get the update

Beyonce: soo were you having sex with Calum that time I brought you some food?

Me: no

Beyonce: then why was his car parked across the street

Me: I don't know ask him

Beyonce: nah I'm cool

Beyonce: just be careful and don't hurt Branson he really like you

Me: okay

{ text with Calum }

Calum: hey cutie ;)

Me: hey Calum what's up

Calum: do you want to go somewhere fun today?

Me: hmm sure but where

Calum: its a surprise

Me: if it involves sex then no

Calum: why?

Me: cause Leah has her suspicions about me and you

Calum: so?

Me: you have a girlfriend and I like this guy so I can't screw it up with him

Me: like he's really a good guy

Calum: you like someone wow :/

Me: what's wrong

Calum: nothing

Me: Calum tell me.. I care about you even when you may feel like I'm a side chick

Calum: I have to go sorry.

Me: bye :(

{ Calum POV }

I can't believe Aqua likes someone else. I want her all to myself. Even if it means that I can't have sex with her.

I just want to be with her. Only her.

Why can't she see that. I even leave little hints and so. Am I not good enough for her?

Me: aqua can I be honest with you?

It's been ten minutes and no reply still? Where could she be?

Probably with that guy she likes, or even some where eating chipotle. That's her favorite place in the world.

Me: well Aqua whenever your free to talk call me

{ Aqua POV }

Branson: so your gonna come to my party babe?

Me: sure why not I don't have other shit to do

Branson: you can come as my girlfriend ;)

Me: is that your way of asking me out?

Branson: kinda :)

Me: kinda needa try harder than that :)

Branson: okay babe but still come

Me: ok

Branson: I gotta go I love you


Branson: :(

Me: what

Branson: ILY?

Me: I only say the whole thing when It actually means something

Branson: ill wait a million years for you to say the whole thing to me.

Me: awww lol don't you have to go

Branson: oh yeah haha bye babe

Me: bye loser

Branson: ;)

{ text with Leah and Joey }

Me: so Branson just asked me out over a text wtf

Joey: that's the closest you get to an actual one

Beyonce: haha burn

Joey: who told you to agree with me

Beyonce: Beyonce

Me: you guys are lame asf why do I even tell you guys things

Joey: cause you love us

Me: true

Beyonce: Awh really

Me: nah I'm just fucking with you guys

Me: but come to Branson party tonight

Me: I don't wanna go alone

Beyonce: okay

Joey: hmm maybe

Me: your irrelevant anyways

Joey: Betch don't start I'll fuck you up

Me: I can fight a girl

Beyonce: hahaha no chill

Joey: bye my feelings are hurt

Joey: Sike but I fr have to go

Beyonce: bye bitch

Me: bye mono conõ

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