Season 02

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To S2 of Cutie Cutie Ghost Show

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What you need to remember from S1 of CCGS:

(This is the SHORT VERSION, scroll down if you want something more in-depth)

-Honestly not much

-Qynka and Qannen are twin sister celebrities in the walled city of Wood2

-In order to maintain their popularity they had to battle the Superfine Trio at the Arena Mall

-They won when Arkkelina Superfine got thrown off a 3rd floor balcony, but it involved Qynka betraying her sister

-So they're not really speaking

-And then Qannen got kidnapped by 2 cute boys (The One with the Hair and The One with the Eyes) but we don't know why

-And Qynka found a weird digital ghost in her bed

-They had sex and Qynka maybe fell a little bit in love?

-In trying to research who this ghost had been she ended up in a secret part of the city

-Where Daddy gave her the opportunity to be the first star of the Ghost Show

-Which will ensure that Qynka becomes one of the most famous and important celebrities of all time forever

-And Qynka wanted to die anyway so that would work out perfectly

-The End



Here's what we know so far:

Wood2 is a walled city filled with social media celebrities. Everyone who lives there has every aspect of their entire lives filmed and turned into content. Living a more interesting life and creating weirder, more interesting content, is the only way to get ahead in life. Getting ahead = access to better food, better living spaces, cooler clothes.

No one is allowed in or out of the city. We don't know where the city is or how far in the future it is, but the weather is bad all the time. The way people are raised and educated/indoctrinated in the city they don't even realize there IS an "outside" the city.

The city is filled with zonnys, which are robotic insects that film literally everything that happens in the city. They can fly and walk on the ceiling and occasionally sting and do everything that you'd expect robotic insects to be able to do.

Episode 01:

-Qynka was on a show called Recovery, which is a show where celebs atone for letting their fans down. Qynka landed on this show after accidentally murdering her ex-girlfriend, Lamantine, who had broken up with her for a rapper named Raminashi.

-Qynka came in 2nd on Recovery, which is worse than 3rd place, because it means her fans don't care enough about her to vote her 1st, and her haters don't care enough about her to vote her 3rd. People not caring about you and the content you create is the worst thing that can happen to you in Wood2.

-Qannen & Qynka's Daddy (essentially their manager) offered Qannen an opportunity to turn on her sister and build her own separate brand. Qannen refused to betray her sister, so Daddy sent them both to high school (High/Low High), half in order to punish them and half to get them to start building their fanbase back up more aggressively.

Episode 02:

-Qannen & Qynka went clubbing with their friends Truuuly and Sydrifase and ended up in a major battle with the boys from Conspirasan (sort of a cross between Proud Boys and 4chan).

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