Desert Dessert

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A/N: Here's more of a filler chapter for ya guys. There's still a bit of progress in the story, but the majority of it is filler. Hope you guys enjoy it! Next chapter will be up once my plane lands.

For those that saw my update on my wall, disregard this.

Quick heads up as well, I'm actually going to study abroad in Europe for my sophomore year of college. I'll be gone just for the first semester so only around 6 months. Good news though! Long ass plane rides means when I land everyone's about to get a shit ton of chapters. Bad news, at least for the first month, the upload consistency is going to drop as I get settled in. Hope that's good with you boys. Keep in mind this doesn't mean I'm not going to be uploading, just that it's going to be a slow progression. Appreciate the patience and support guys, helps me want to write more.

Now without further ado...ONTO THE MANDATORY BEACH CHAPTER!


"So that is how Remnant was created, how Grimm came to be controlled by one woman, how four woman consistently become new maidens and control elements, and how Ozma hid the Relics and made the academies to hide them!" Y/N said as he finished his recounting of the tales of Remnants history and creation. For the past three hours of hiking, Y/N told them everything. Velvet, Blake, and Neo all looked completely shocked while Summer had been chiming in from time to time, correcting
Y/N's stories. Weiss simply listened and smiled at seeing Y/N finally trust everyone as he genuinely looked happy doing so. Aside from that, Arslan had taken point with Ilia at the very front so the lizard Faunus couldn't hear anything or try and piece it together herself. The girls were practically sweating their water contents with Velvet being the worst off, then Weiss, then Blake and Ilia, then Neo, then Summer, and then the perfectly fine Arslan who was dragging Ilia along with a rope. He also told them all about his relationship with the Relics and the Gods while making sure to keep the fact that Summer was the maiden a secret. He had told Weiss in his emotional state, but made her promise not to tell anyone. The less people that knew who the Maidens were, the better protected they were. He did have her tell them all about the silver eyes that she and Ruby had possessed though. They had all seen her wipe the floor with Y/N using them after all.

Y/N just basked in the warm environment as he got everything off of his chest.

"That's...some heavy stuff." Blake mumbled as she went through it all in her head. "I would've never guessed any of this would've happened in the present or the past. I can see why you were so conflicted yesterday...sorry for not trying to understand you."

"Nah it's all good Blake." Y/N waved her off as Neo stepped up with her scroll. They had little to no signal, but that didn't mean she couldn't type on it. "You guys couldn't have known any better."

'You should've told me sooner.' Neo puffed out her cheeks cutely as she took her sunglasses off to reveal her now watering eyes as Y/N felt his heart sink. 'We've been partners for how long now and you still can't trust me? I'm not mad in the slightest and I feel horrible about your past...but I am a bit hurt.'

Y/N looked at her as the desert heat beamed down on them. Vultures and small flying Grimm roamed the sky above them as the pure blue sky washed the area in light. Y/N sighed as he rubbed his head.

"I'm sorry Neo...I didn't know about any of this until a while, but I definitely could have told you about everything else far sooner." Y/N smiled slightly. "Is there anything I can do to make it up to you?"

Neo hummed in thought for a moment before putting her sunglasses back on and smiling up at
Y/N. She quickly typed on her scroll before holding it up.

'You're sleeping with me in your cat form tonight!'

"Eh? Become a cat to sleep?" Y/N said confused as Neo nodded. "I mean, I guess I could do that. Never been used as a cuddle buddy in my cat form for the entire night before."

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