Chapter 8 - Little Things

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I found myself getting very restless over the next few days. Even though I knew that Mason and Elijah were in the house (on the third floor), I wasn't allowed to bother them and there were only so many books I could read and programmes I could watch before I got bored. I hadn't really seen much of Mason at all, apparently, he was just very busy at work. My ribs were still slightly bruised but they didn't even hurt anymore and I, for once, found myself really wanting to go to school.

Luke came by on Wednesday and dropped off some of the work I had missed, great. But he did offer to stay and help me with some of it which made it a bit more bearable. That was until Xander and Cole decided to kick us out of the living room so that they could watch TV with one of their friends.

Although I was dreading the idea of spending a whole day with Blake at the tattoo studio on Friday, I would do anything to get out of the house, even though it was huge. I was going completely stir crazy.

On Friday morning, I hadn't seen Blake anywhere. Mason and Elijah weren't in the house as they had to go to a meeting or something, Harley was at work and the twins were at school. I guessed that either Blake was in the house somewhere or he had left to go to the tattoo studio without. Knowing Blake, I assumed the latter.

I had just started binge-watching The Originals on Netflix sat on the couch in the living room and it was so good that I had completely forgotten about feeling stir crazy and wanting to get out of the house. I would have quite happily stayed there all day and watched the show.

That was until the screen was suddenly paused.

"I'm leaving in 5. Wait in the car." I heard Blake order from behind me. So he was the one which paused my show.

"Ok sure," I muttered and took the remote back from him and pressed play.

"I said go wait in the car," he snarled.

"I know but there are only two minutes left of this episode," I defended. I mean come on, he said he was leaving in 5 minutes why did I have to wait in the car now?

"Do I care?" He snatched the remote from my hand and turned the TV off completely. "Wait in the car or I'll leave without you," he said sternly.

"I don't mind staying here," I grumbled.

"You're coming, Mason's orders." He said firmly.

Great, he just proved my point that he really didn't care or want me to come. He was just being forced to by Mason.

"Let's just not tell him."

"You think I don't have better things to do than babysitting an annoying little kid?" Blake snarled.

God, why was he in such a bad mood.

"No, I'm just-" I started.

"-Great, then go wait in the car. Now."

"Fine, I'm going," I groaned, reluctantly putting my shoes on and walking past Blake. I could practically feel his eyes burning into the back of my head.

I was waiting in the car for 20 minutes. 20 minutes.

Still no Blake.

So much for waiting in the car. I could have finished the episode and got through half another one. This was so ridiculous. Just to add to the fantastic day, my very old phone was glitching every minute.

I wanted to leave but I didn't really feel like getting shouted at by Blake for not doing as he said so instead I just waited, and waited, and waited, and-

The driver's door opened and Blake sat down grumpily. He didn't even spare me a single glance as he got in and put his seatbelt on.

"Seatbelt." He said while starting the car.

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