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stole this idea from @/figxres- so credit to them ;;

life had never been easy for you, you had to deal with constant bullying throughout your childhood and it only grew worse as you got older. you pushed forward though and managed to get into UA! but, man, was it hell.

you knew work at UA wouldn't be easy, but you didn't expect it to be the hardest thing you'd ever have to do in your entire life. but this was the path to becoming a hero, you had to endure it and push through.

but, something happened along the way, and your journey at UA ended, once your parents found out about it they weren't happy, and forced you to live on your own. you had to fend for yourself, and as much as you hated it, you had to do criminal acts in order to survive.

stealing, shop lifting, but the more you did this, the less you cared, and now, years later, you've taken the path of evil and now your a villain. currently, you had just stole money from the bank and some hero was on your tale. you tried escaping them and avoiding them because you didn't want to fight, you were a thief, not a murder.

they eventually cornered you and you had no choice but to fight them. you turned around, preparing yourself. once you did though, you instantly regret it. before you was (crush) from UA years ago, all decked out in their hero costume from back then too. they looked just as shocked as you.

"(name)... is that really you?"

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