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The garden lit up with life as the sun begun to rise. The cool morning rays grazing the spring grass as the moisture from the cool night before dripped off of the small leaves.

Nezuko yawned, walking out of the small area just underneath the house step as she stretched her small limbs. Her brother tanjiro following close behind with a refreshed and energetic smile.

Tanjiro was a morning a morning person.

Nezuko? She was not.

"I don't understand how you're always so energetic..."
She grumbled, tying her pink bow to a strand that fell over her face to be held back.

Her brother laugh, patting her head to which she contently hummed to.

"You'll get there one day. Plus, why would you be excited about a new day? Another chance at finding more like us."
He smiled, the girl shaking her head while scratching her cheek.

Now, Nezuko and Tanjiro were almost like humans. They had the same body parts and most likely the same insides. You could consider them humans. Except for the tiny, barely noticeable, completely missable detail that they were tiny. Small like ants.

"What are the chances that today will be the first time we run into one like us out of all the years we've been alive?"
She chuckled as her brother turned to her with a tilted head.

"Well, mom and dad found each other."

Her eyes drooped down, the mention of her parents still not settling well with her after their death. Of course it was expected. After a child had moved into their old house, they had been found so one thing lead to another which lead to Nezuko and Tanjiro fleeting. Their parents sacrificing themselves for their escape.

She grumbled, hopping down to the grass where she begun running to get the plants they would need for the day.

"Be back before breakfast!"
Tanjiro yelled after her, sighing when seeing her small arm wave at him before disappearing.

The crickets jumped happily besides the tiny girl, her arms filled with flowers and plants that she had found on her run as she ran towards her next location.

The berry bush.

She watched the crickets jump besides her, a small smile etching onto her lips as she sped up. Now declaring a race against the two insects.

Her feet tip tapped against the stones she ran on, her dress flowing with her movements as her hair flew behind her. Her happiness and excitement blocking the world behind her. Missing the bird that eyed her from up on the trees.

In the midst of jumping from rock to rock, a caw rang out in the garden. A gasp escaping her lips as her eyes darted up to the predator that flew circles around her.

Her body froze, her figure completely exposed to the animal as it began descending towards her. Her pink eyes only having time to widen before clenching shut.

However, instead of feeling herself being swallowed hole, she was tackled. Two arms wrapping around her as she was sent flying towards the grass along with the mysterious saviour.

Cautiously, she peeked one eye open. The tall grass obscuring her sight as she sat up. Her eyes looked around in hope of finding the creature, however, the groan that sounded out was what gave them away.

"W-whos there?!"
She called out, hugging the plants close to her chest as rustling was heard. A figure soon standing to their feet just behind a line of grass.

"Don't worry."
They laughed, a hand pushing away the grass separating them to look the girl in the eye.
"If I wanted to hurt you then I would've already done it."

Her pink eyes widened as she stared at the figure, their h/l h/c hair sitting perfectly as their e/c eyes shone in the morning sun. Their hand soon appearing as you smiled at her.

"Come on. I'll help you get whatever you need and take you home."
You chuckled, her small hand soon finding its way onto yours as you pulled her up.

"Thank you.."
You heard her murmur as you grinned.

"I'm y/n. Let me help you for today."

"So there were more like us?!"
She asked in disbelief as you chuckled, two raspberries resting on your shoulders as you walked her home.

"Yep! A handful at that. Families and the elderly all peacefully living there until the humans came along."
You smiled, nostalgia hitting you as you neared the door step. A little crack just big enough for your size on the side as she walked towards it.

"Just... be careful."
She chuckled, uncertainty in her voice.
"I just don't know how my brother will react."

You laughed, waving her off as you walked in behind her, the cosy house instantly making your heart warm.

Nezuko called out as hurried footsteps echoed through, nezuko instantly sweat dropping as you tilted your head.


There at the end of the hallway stood a boy, probably only a bit taller than you. His burgundy hair slicked back as a large scar decorated his forehead. His intense, red eyes staring at you in surprise.

"Tanjiro. Meet y/n, they helped me from a bird today."
Nezuko smiled, walking cautiously towards her brother who was still gaping at you.
"Brother... it's rude to stare."
You heard her whisper as you chuckled, placing down one of the berries before walking closer to him.

"Hello, it's nice to meet you."
You smiled, reaching out a hand to shake his whom now snapped out of his thoughts.

A bright smile spread onto his lips as he threw his arms around you, a surprised yelp leaving your lips as nezuko dead panned.

"I knew there were more of us!"
He cried into your shoulder, your hand hesitantly reaching up to pat his back.

"Of course there's more of us."
You chuckled, laughing as the male let go with tears in his eyes. Nezuko face palming at her brothers actions.

"I'll go make us some tea!"

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